which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

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    The 300Zx produces 223.7 kw / 300.0 bhp @ 6400 rpm from a Turbocharged V6 which has a capacity of 2960 cc (3.0 ltr)
    sadly it accelerates from rest to 60miles in 6.5 seconds
    it does a quarter of a mile (1/4mile) in 15.0 seconds where the RX7 does the quarter mile (1/4mile) in 13.5 seconds....
    at the end I find that the mazda produces just very good power from a smaller engine than the one on the 300Zx, but GUYS the Z sereis are legends in the world since 1960s to the early 1990s......
    so I would rather prefer a 300Zx than the RX7, although I own a mazda <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    Can you tell us more about 300zx TT vs. a Rx7 TT, simply about
    performance (hp) (0-60 miles/seconds), (quarter mile/seconds)
    and (max.spd km/h)
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    rx-7 ownz 300zx 1st of all 300zx weighs a shit load more.. second it has the same hp as a rx-7... rx-7 are built with more balance and made for drifting and would destroy a 300 zx in a race and 300zx may look better but i rather get a s14 or s15 than 300zx for those who don't know what s14 is its a 240sx.... rx-7 all around performance is better the only fall back is that more expensive to repair b/.c its rotary
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    If your driving the 300ZX to 15 second quarter miles you are a bad driver or your driving on Mt.FuckingEverest. I mean really integra type R's are faster then 15 seconds. It is capable of 14's at sea level. The RX7 is still quicker, and it does not have a heavy front end it has nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution. The RX7 is the fastest car on the track out of any japanese car. Now it is true there are problems with the rotary engines they were just not meant to be turbocharged. The exhaust gasses on those things are white hot. Not hard to blow a seal or melt a rotor. Personally unless you have wads of cash to keep up the proper maintenance the rotary requires, just buy the 300ZX. If you have a lot of patience and dont mind having your car in the shop a few days everynow and then get the Mazda.
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    RX7...300zx too heavy and only has 280 hp with a tt...
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    it has like...75 hp!!! xD
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    id hafta go rx-7, the 300zx is too damn heavy

    as for all the people sayin the z looks better, i dont know what ur smoking but nothing says sex on wheels like an rx-7

    that and the fact that the 300 is only nissans second best performance car makes me think the rx7 is better, though it has nothing on a gt-r (and yes i know noone said it does)
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    actually stock rx7 beats stock gt-r by .1 seconds on 400km...and is also much lighter and handles much better...^^...skylines are over rated
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    Re: which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

    Anyone who knows Japanese cars knows that the king of Japanese cars is the RX-7 TT it is the lightest quickest and best handling of all the Japanese models. This link is proof of Rotary supremecy.
    Yes that is right the RX-7 woops everything including a 90,000$ NSX and 80,000 GTR-34. So do you think your pitiful 300zx stands a chance against the king of cars?
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    Oh man this thread is making me sick.

    The RX-7 is as much as reliable as the 300ZX TT. Remember dipshits the 300ZX weighs more there for it needs more HP. Also the 300ZX is one of the more unreliable POS from Japan. The same can be said for the RX-7. Neither is faster then the other when they are both stock. Each can be moded to a point and the REX is able to reach 600hp on race gas. The highest I seen for the 300ZX is 600 also.

    Oh yeah the best sports cars that are mass produced at Japan are the Honda NSX-R, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Supra RZ and the Mazda RX-7
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    Stock RX-7 is much faster than a stock 300ZX.
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    God you people are idiots"Rx-7 is better than 300ZX" or "300ZX is better than Rx-7" why can't you just accept the fact that these are two great cars and it comes down to preference.

    The Rx-7 is a lightweight sportscar,has only what it needs in terms of creature comforts,on the other hand you have the Z(300ZX)a kickass GT(Grand tourer)that has more luxury and creature comforts than the Rx-7
    therefore it has more weight.So if you want an all out sportscar go with the RX-7,if you want a badass grand tourer go with the Z.

    And for the recrd I like both of these cars alot but if i had to choose I would go with the Z.
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    da RX-7 is better than da 300ZX lol! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
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    thats my opinion anywayz.....
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    the 300ZX is a whale compaired to the rx-7. i would compare the handeling of the 300 to that of a shopping cart.
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    there are a couple things wrong with this forum i can see right away. first, someone said the Z only comes in a 2+2 non turbo. wrong. the NA 2-seater sitting in my garage right now can attest to that. they come in 2-seaters and 2+2 NA, but in the states they only sold the 2-seater turbo (japan and europe got the 2+2 TT). second, the ZX TT rips off a 5 flat in the 0-60 sprint, which is roughly .3 seconds slower than the U.S. spec RX-7. not bad for a car that weighs about 500lbs. more. this site is wrong about many of their stats. both the Z and the RX are two of my favorite cars, i just happen to own a Z. true, the RX-7 is lighter and more nimble, and it would outhandle a Z on the track. oh, and the Z's handling being compared to a shopping cart? not quite. a bit of annoying understeer maybe, but some front camber correction plates and it turns in just as well as any car i've ever driven. the Z is a fantastic car to drive and a wonderful GT car, but the RX is more of a pure sports car. just because i own (and love) my 300ZX doesn't mean i'm blind to the facts. the RX-7 would most likely win.
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    finally some one that i can really respect, you seem to know your Z and with that i retract my statement of compairing the handeling of the Z to that of a shopping cart.
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    badass dude. thank you. you are cool.
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    i have no prob admiting when i am wrong. so what year is your Z?
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    RX7- faster, quicker, better looks, better interior materials, better handling and braking.
    300zx- waay slower, more reliable, ugly, etc.

    I'd take RX7 any day.
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    thats y i would take the RX-7, though i wouldn't say the 300ZX is way slower or is ugly.
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    its a 1990 red NA 2-seater. i got it for 10 grand with 62K miles on it in June of 2002, and since then i've put 12,000 miles on it. what do you drive?
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    i drive a 1993 FD3S RX-7 silver. it has 60064miles
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    good deal. i wish i could afford one. some day i will have one in my garage next to my nsx (*sigh*). how much did you pick your FD up for?

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