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Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by buzzbomber, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this is for all the non-enthusiasts to post in. if you hate this car, post about it here. compliment each others insecurities! here ill help start it out, so you can leave the real enthusiasts alone.

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    If people hate civics they most likely wont b in this forum
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    That guy's rigt, civic-haters wouldn't be in this forum. I don't know how old buzzbomber is, but from what he said, he might as well be 10, because that's what every dumb elementary school kid who doesn't know shit about cars says. "Civics suck! I'm going to buy a Corvette, and it's ganna have a billion horsepower!" Dream on, and go win a spelling bee.
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    Of course they would. They come here and bash it without reason because they have nothing else better to do with their lives.
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    i dont think civics suck, but i wanted to post on why i dont like modded ones. i can understand a show one, thats for looks, and full drag ones (the competition ones), but i dont get the ones with juss a (IMO) ugly body kit, a few stickers, and a fart can exhaust. i just dont figure how you could ever want to buy lets say a 15 grand new civic, and add 7 grand of mods, when for that 22 grand, you could buy a car that is better in literally every way, except for gas mileage. you could buy a older 911 off of ebay for that, if you find one with quite a few miles, lets say 60-80k miles, you could maybe even get a porsche 911 993, which is the gen before the current one. that car would be doin 0-60 in slightly under 5, have incredible handleing, looks, great interior, and you could say you had a porsche. i just dont understand the concept of putting that much into a car when you get so little out.

    again, i like civics, they are phenominal cars, the dont break, they get ya from point a-b well, with good gas milage and they are kinda fun lil cars.
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    yup i feel ya man i saw this cool car on the internet that was a bimmer that had a ice body kit a nice paint job and only 290 hp thats weak and shitty
  7. I think almost everyibe would prefer a ZO6 over a Civic. Unfortunately, not everyone has $51,000 to spend on a car.

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