why do black rappers

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  1. always have a hate look on their pictures?
  2. Why don't black people smile when they get their pictures taken?
  3. cuz they've been oppressed for 200 years, fool.(insert sarcasm)

    EDIT: inserted sarcasm
  4. because they are trying to sell you an image as much as the music.
  5. because they now that Massa don't like no nigga smilin
  6. i was lookin at the chamillionaire wiki, the dude has the hate look, plus a du rag. on top of that, a hat with chamillitary. on top of that, a hoodie.
  7. same reason why female singers never dress huge clothes
  8. get off my porch, you nigger!
  9. Thug life thats why.
  10. no one smiles on a mugshot
  12. ain't nuttin good to smile bout.
  13. white man holdin the frown down.
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  15. Nobody knows why black people do a lot of things.
  16. lol!
  17. Lol, what about the Murcielago in thier garage? Are they dissapointed with spinners?
  18. because they know that the police will be pulling them aside all the time
  19. ie, pork the fat white chicks that the white guys dont want.
  20. its hard to sel albums to little white kids with lots of money when you are smiling and not being gangsta.
  21. They're disappointed 'cause they only got 28" spinners instead of 30" spinners.
  22. they are trying to look tough, fool.
  23. I dont smile in photos because i have bad teeth. When i do its ether me trying to be stupid or just smiling a little bit so you cant really see my teeth.

    But im sure they have enough money to buy a perfect set of teeth...
  24. *cares
  25. To look hard

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