Why do Europeans hate Vipers so much?

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    The most accurate way to see how high performance a car is you have to look at torque.Horsepower is just a calculation of torque and rpm . (Torque/rpm)5252=Horsepower so the reason why the Honda S2000 puts out 120HP/L is because it is tune to put out torque at a high rpm at the cost of long life. The reason for going with a 8.3 liter engine is so that it can put out a descent amount of power with out high rpm enginge damage. So the redline is low even though the engine can rev higher they keep it low so it can last longer. So really you should look at torque per rpm and compare all sportscars then you will see that the playing feild is pretty level

    Corvette Z06 70ft lbs of torque per liter
    360 Modena 76ft lbs of torque per liter
    Ford GT 92ft lbs of torque per liter
    Lamborghini mercielago 77ft lbs of torque per liter
    saleen s7 75ft lbs of torque per liter

    so all of the cars are pretty close but the ford gt has forced induction and all of the american cars but the s7 are under 100,000 Grand and due to low rpm will have a longer engine life.
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    martini3K3 Hemiman426h 63 GS Corvette
    You guys all raise good points. At least there are some intelligent beings around here! As opposed to some...
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    Thank you Alex some people do have good points . Im a corvette fan but i cant fall to the stupidity of some people so i have to tell the truth . The viper has a better record at le mans than the Mcexpensive f1 . This new one is a good idea since you can buy car for $100,000 dollars and race it in speed gt series . Or you can put money in it(as much as you have)and race at le mans . Remember that viper at le mans with its 8.0L V-10 was cranking out about 750HP . It killed all of its comp in 0-60,skidpad,60-0,and top speed . IT absolutly dominated not even that 1 million dollar car that everyone refers to did that . IT pumped out a mere 600HP thats less then the C5R rated 620HP . The corvette got more restricted this year but will still kick that ferraris ass . When this Viper hits gts it will be murder for that poor poor Ferrari . Also the saleen S7 will hopefully go into production so the race car will come off restriction . When that happens i feel sorry for the Ferrari in Le mans and the ALMS .
  4. Just another rambling.. Europeans just piss me off..Re: Why

    you probably couldnt fit a viper in london. our roads are way tooo narrow! but if you did somehow manage to squeeze one in... those of us in TVRs, Caterhams and Westfields etc wouldnt be "downright scared of you". im sure a viper IS comparitively very cheap in america but the cost to import them over here would be huge and the version that we get here is 'castrated' apparently so the simple fact is, many of us europeans that complain about it havent actually driven it. it seems like a fantastic car too, even if, dare i say it, the hp/l seems very low.

    also "find me any European production car that could beat the Viper Hennessey." hang on a minute, last time i checked the Hennessey viper wasnt a production car so why compare it to a european production car?

    oh yeah and the guy that didnt know wether italy was in europe or not was a #$%#ing idiot! its those isolated moments of ignorance that give americans a bad rep and thats a shame.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was wondering if the all American Viper could perhaps be European. Dodge is a branch of Daimler-Chrystler, which is obviously in collaberation with Daimler-Benz, a German company.
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    Daimler-Chrysler owns Mercedes-Benz. Diamler-Benz is probably a branch in Europe that reports to Diamler-Chrysler, thats my guess. But I do know that Diamler-Chrysler own Mercedes-Benz, thats for sure
  7. Re:

    Hey retard, NORTH AMERICANS are probably the only ones smart enough to try some big ass truck engine in their new sports car. AND GUESS WUT, THAT BIG ASS TRUCK ENGINE WHOOPS UR FERRARIS AND PORCHES!!! So don't get all defensive about it. Plus the viper wasn't made to be the most technilogically advanced car ever, it was made to look good, sound awesome, and kick euro ass!
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    hehe ...

    why are you guys are so narrow minded .... there are fast domestics and fast imports, so where's the problem?

    you take a Viper, get some bolt ons and put most cars to shame.
    same thing with a big single turbo'd Supra or with a Porsch GT2 or GT (just as an example …)
    you guys should stop behaving like little children and accept that there are BOTH fast domestics and fast imports ...
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    I'm from England and I love the viper. The problem is the price of petrol this side of the atlantic (currently $1.20 per litre), and the poor state of the roads (believe me, a viper wouldn't last two minutes under britain's traffic calming measures!). Hence the fact we're left with smaller engined, lighter (super)cars like the TVR, Lotus etc which are more suited to the conditions. I think you'll find most European people who hate the viper have probably never even seen one let alone driven it.....
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    quote from alexb19
    It's no wonder why you blocked your E-mail...you don't want to get THREATENING E-MAILS!
    If there's anyone here who knows this person, tell him to leave before he gets banned.

    Hey, cidart! Have you ever seen the FIA GT series? Why are Vipers beating Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches on a regular basis? HUH? In the LeMans, Why is a Corvette beating these same cars? "'And why were Vipers beating those same Corvettes?'" Are they better? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear your answer...

    Next time, pick a fight you can win. You're just another ant under my right foot - squashed.

    note the marked sentence, Vipers arnt beatin the Corvettes that are beating the Ferraris and the Lambos etc. in the ALMS. they r beatin Vettes out sumwhere, but i dont kno where. The C5-R has evolved into the or one of the best race cars in the 20th and 21st century
    (and can sum1 tell me how to do the quote thing, i havent figured it out yet.)
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    so true..this is what i said in a previous forum..i said that there is gonna b a racist war..and right now its happening! i love all #$%#in supercars i have nuthin against them
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    Owning Ferrari, Porsche, or other sportcars is not only count on the 0-60 mph or 1/4 mile performance. It is about the whole experience. yes Viper success that they can sell the same performance car with half the price of ferrari, Porsche. but viper owner will never have the join of driving you get behind the GT2 or the sexy look and prestrige heritage of the Ferrari. It's all about the combination of everything together, the responsiveness of steering, the driving position, stability of the car, the feedback from the trottle, driveability etc.
    That is why most of the Cars Magazine around the world agree that Porsche 911 is the best sportcars in the world and the BMW M3 is truely a brilliant machine eventhough they are far from the fastest or quickest on the track or street. Sometimes a quick car doesn't mean to be fun or a good one.
    Let s put it simple, I can buy a new WRX-STI and mod it for half the price of the viper and will easily smoke the Viper in 0-100 or 1/4 mile time. Does that mean the Modified STI is a better car than Viper??? can u really compare them?
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    Now that's what I'm talking about. Not blinded by loyalty to a certain country or brand. Well said!
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    vipers are stupid. intil the new model line, starting '03, corvettes were the best sports car in america. and when the c6 comes out it will be again. and people in europe, germany and UK especially love camaros bc they could run a 13.1 from 98-02 with a 6 speed and were under 30k! the viper is junk bc it costs 80k + and can barely beat a 55k z06. so ill take MY 80 grand, buy a z06, dump another 25-30k into it and then we'll race around a track or two and on a 1/4 mile and see who wins you viper loving retards.
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    those people in europe, german and the UK (btw UK and germany are both IN europe) are probably the exception to the rule, to must of us here a camaro is something that we have only ever seen at motor shows or in pictures. the only modern american sports cars i have ever seen is a pontiac firebird and the odd viper. and besides, not a lot of people care about 1/4 mile times here either, we're generally more into track racing.

    you cant call vipers stupid, justify that properly. how are they stupid? and why are the people that love vipers retards? they're entitled to their own opion (especially in a viper forum), just as much as you are to yours with regards to the Z06.

    and would you really have enough cash for a Z06 without selling your mother/house first?
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    I really like the viper, but I can see why euros don't like it. Mostly it's the cultural difference. It's a big, wide, brash thing to drive down the mostly narrow european roads. And the horrible prices of fuel over there might sway their opinion as well. And the lambo tailored TRUCK engine is probably a big turnoff as well.
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    you d!ck head...italy is in europe
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    i am from europe, and the Dodge Viper GTSR is my favorite car, its my dream car, n i thank you americans for designing and building the beauty!
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    Other than the Corvette...and by times (as far as I can see), the only European car that even remotely comes close to the viper is the Porsche........and even then, pound for pound, the viper still kicks its ass...not even lambourghini compares with viper (well...maybe a little!) The viper just happens to be my favorite car...VIVE LA VIBORA!
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    The Europeans know that the Viper is just as fast as their Porsches and Ferraris and it cost less than 250,000 F8ckin' dollars!
    And that is why I believe that they are a little bit envious.
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    all you haters of european cars: check out a few TVRs. they're a little like the viper in that they are comparatively cheap, brilliant and stupidly fast. They are a proper sports cars without driver aids of any kind, not even ABS, they are for real drivers. i think they could appeal to all you viper fans out there...
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    First of all Im from Britain and I like the Viper although on the whole I do in the main prefer European cars. I dont know anyone in my area who doesnt like Vipers and whoever rips on Vipers for being bad cars are narrow-minded and uneducated because they arent bad cars. But by the Americans coming out saying Ferraris, Porsches etc. are s*@t cars they are proving themselves that they are envious of us and also narrow-minded. As for the qoute from JoeSeayUSMC that Europeans would be scared of Vipers I think ur talkin bull I wouldnt be scared of an American car, person or anything. Americans make fast cars and at making jet-fuelled bungalows there is no-one who can compete.But remember in F1 the ultimate test of engineering and skill American cars cant compete so show the Europeans a bit of respect and dont make out like you'd turn down a Ferrari F40 if someone offered you one.
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    well TVRs cost under £50 000, i cant be arsed to change that into dollars poperly but it should be somwhere near $80 000 for a car that does 180mph and 0-60 in 4seconds for the Tuscan S. granted, some porsches and ferraris seem overpriced but cars like the caterham 7 RX500 cost under £30 000 and before the veryon they were the fastest aceelerating production cars in the world.

    I like the viper and im envious of americans for being able to own them but we europeans know how to make some damn sexy and fast cars.
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    People are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, if you dont like the viper that is fine but you dont have to hate on it. For those people that hate on euro cars they really shouldnt do that because they are fast cars too. i think people are stupid for saying a car is stupid just because of what country it comes from, people may have pride in their country but other countries' cars are good too. The Viper is a great car and my opinion is that its my favorite cars but if i was offered a Diablo, Murcielago, F50, Benzie SLR McLaren, ect.... I would take it. and for those people who talk about the design of the viper not being as stylish because its american you should take a look at these american cars: 2002 mosler mt900 photon and the saleen s7. The first time I saw these cars i thought they were euro but i was wrong indeed. Case in point, they are all beautiful, fast, luxurious cars and i would take almost any of the cars that were talked about in this forum, im not a big fan of porsche but they are beautiful and fast too but not my style.
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    I agree 100%

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