Why has SC.net popularity fallen?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. The problem is Burner. Everytime that asshole comes around people leave.
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    P996t did have "an epiphany" and admit to lying about nearly dying. I can't remember the details but yeah that happened.
  3. lol #$%# he had his finger on your button like crazy it was great
  4. i miss the p996t rap video
    the chinese host i put it up to took it down
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  6. spam this thread but #$%#
    hoody belly
    father so embarrassed he has to cover his face
    amazing arm movement
  7. I recall punching my monitor (14" CRT lol) because of him. The Internet was SRS BSNS
  8. Who was this ETF guy?
  9. Some fat ugly bloke, can't remember what made him annoying though
  10. It's not really a good place to go for car information, as it relies on the members to link info from other websites. The OC is very low, the layout isn't great, it isn't very interactive. As a result, new members are essentially extinct in the wild. And existing members naturally grow up and move on, of which wheelman is a recent and good example. All of this leads to the inevitable spiral to insignificance.
  11. I haven't explored the "site" for many, many years. Only come to Miscellaneous.

    And this place is a big circle jerk.
  12. Ever since P996GT left it's all gone downhill.
  13. Where is Moo these days?
  14. prolly stuck in a dry pussy somewhere between Berlin & Antwerp
  15. Wait... that wasn't over the whole lemierre's disease thing was it? I thought that shit was legit?
  16. lolpic

    I duno man I thought that was a load of BS. Maybe someone else can clear this up
  17. Yeah. I used to wind up some people here too. Especially with my past other usernames. (which I think Mods should unblock at this point)
  18. I agree with many things you said.
  19. Good answer. Agree.
  20. Obviously the General chat forum, and then some.
  21. Obviously the General chat forum... and then some.
  22. BigRobtion
  23. There is still a shitload of OG members that dont post here anymore.

    I probably made my first account in 2004ish...I was probably most active 2005-2008... Ive been least active 2012-2014(current).

    Ive been knowing and visiting this site since like 1999/2000 or so (but probably not the forums until 2003/2004).
  24. Because of reddit.com
  25. #$%#in' A, man! You are like 11 posts away from 100,000 posts!

    You are more than 10 times the man I am! Posts-wise...

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