Why has SC.net popularity fallen?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. sc net should reach out to reddit's car enthusiast community or something
    not that any single member here could be bothered though

  2. then we could tell new members about how much we like cars
  3. You can upvote threads (which makes everything at the top the most interesting at the time), hundreds of thousands of members. Very interesting sub forums (sub reddits). A lot of news agencies are threatened by it because it usually has the breaking news first. It's not censored like this site. etc. etc. I'm still on lurker status because there's very smart people there (doctors, lawyers, physicists, etc., especially in the sub reddits.
  4. But, can I get quick access to cat memes? That's the important question.
  5. No that wasnt me.

    One of my accounts was BuickGNXkillsALL..

    I miss that account..

    My other one was Remington870

    and I had a few others as well..
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  7. Short answer: non supercar owners scaring away supercar owners
  8. hows the rediculously over budget 240 going by the way?

  9. Lets just say I have no time for it, and I have two other projects that got in the way. I'm so pissed with my life right now. I'd rather be working and say 'the hell with my family or things I like'.
  10. gee i dunno!!!!

    why would broken forums run by an incompetent admin be failing?????

    who wouldnt stick around for the cycle of unfunny 10 year old inside jokes and reposts of 2 week old news articles????

    iut is a mystery...
  11. You should really unblock my old account from 2005/2006, even though it doesn't really matter anymore since I wont be using it.
  12. U suck
  13. I have a photo of his hospital band on some dusty computer. Not saying that makes it legit, but...
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    Is that his mom or sister getting out of the Maserati?

    Man we bullied that kid so much
  15. cause were all a bunch of salty #$%#s ...
  16. Sure, but you have to send me in an envelope some of this $$$$$$.

    <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  17. was sc.net ever popular anyway
  18. I am not a freak, you #$%#ing fool. You are just weak minded like some well known members who always were and who never supported fierce adversity.None thinks the same and none wants to deal with the weakminded.
  19. Some people have a tough skin and some others are just weakminded.
    Some people can't bear harsh insults and don't strike back, but some strike back and never give up.
    People left the site on their own will for most of them.
  20. No longer a car forum. I miss the old days when people actually showed interest in cars. And you don't have to go back that far to find better times. Even back in 2009 this forum has way more to offer than it is now. But by 2011 it had made pretty good transition from a car forum to a content-free troll forum. If people are here to discuss cars, of course they are going to leave.

    Majority of members who make decent car posts have left this place. Not everyone but plenty of people that are still here today, like Gong Ching Chong Harka, they are here just to troll, with zero interest or knowledge in automobiles

    RB is very annoying but at least he is a car person. I much rather be trolled with "K-segg godly apacolyptic V8" than some "chi chi ging wing wong dong gweilo" stuff.

    Its ok to have this crap in the general chat forum, but when someone make a car-related post in European Car forum, and some retard comes by and posts stuff "fitting Tupolev Tu-160's Kuznetsov engine into it". And when people tells the retard to shut up he responds with endless spam of "suck my fat Zang Ao Mastiff tits gweilo", you know this site is going downhill.
  21. Haha! Raging Balls is the site's longest running second account.
  22. cars are gay and youre a total #%$got
  23. nice 5th account, loser.

    go #$%# yourself
  24. haha your gay as balls
  25. but its fun. and thats what matters. the threads that are for car discussion generally do so for the first page or so then spiral into some other topic.

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