Why haven't you guys starting #%[email protected] yet?

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  1. no we need [email protected]
  2. Slayer is such an idiot.
  3. I feel honoured
  4. You love reacting over-dramatically, don't you?

    I never said they wouldn't overtake with gravel strips. All I said was asphalt run-off areas would encourage overtaking, and increase the number of overtaking attempts made. Driving on the limit lap after lap, corner after corner and making it look easy is also real racing. But that is too boring for you. Yet simultaneously you're against something which would make the sport *appear* more exciting by encouraging overtaking attempts. I don't believe it would improve the racing, but it would inject some visual drama, improve the spectacle. And the fact that asphalt run-offs are there doesn't make the drivers inferior racers. If there's something to be made use of,you ought to do so. If you can push a little harder knowing that even if you make a small mistake your race will go on, you would use it. If there was no asphalt run-off drivers would be a tad more circumspect at such corners, that's it.

    As for "overtaking like nutters", I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you mean do-or-doe, all-or-nothing type attempts, then perish the thought. Unless you have a LOT to gain, there are very few drivers who would attempt such stunts. Pressure is so high and margins are so fine that it's generally better to hold onto what you have and it rarely makes sense to risk throwing it away for an extra point or two. Racing isn't all about psycho kamikaze overtaking manoeuvres and being obsessed with overtaking, common sense is equally important.
    If that wasn't what you meant by "overtaking like nutters", I'm not sure how the presence of asphalt is a detriment.
  5. you basically saying it makes it easier for the drivers too overtake. Well, it didn't make them overtake more if I look at races of today in F1.

    And a mistake won't be punished anymore because they can just go on. Just the fact that when a driver is on it's limit improves lap by lap knowing that when he crosses that edge/limit it would 'punish' him by getting stuck in the gravel strip. that is racing, and that is what makes the best drivers the best..just that difference in pushing a little bit more than others knowing it could go wrong. having balls, etc. And this also counts for overtaking on tracks without those shitty asphalt strips..

    the tracks at F1 make it the drivers too easy of you ask me..
  6. Mybe I'm delusional here, but they look less aerodynamic than the 2008 models.... I think I'm wrong though, no?
  7. the idea of the changes was to reduce downforce on the cars, remove unsightly winglets all over the body (which have been growing for years) and making the cars wake less turbulant to allow other cars to sit closer together.
  8. That depends on your definition of "less aerodynamic".
  9. I hate quoting myself, but this is what I said a couple of posts back:
    "Whether the number of overtaking manoeuvres as a consequence of this cannot be proved to be more than if there had been gravel strips, but it at the very least encourages overtaking."

    So, no I'm not really saying it makes overtaking easier. I'm saying it encourages attempts, which might lead to an increase in the ultimate number of overtaking manoeuvres.

    And I agree with the point you make in the second paragraph. But there are a couple of smaller points over which I disagree with you. I don't feel it's easy for the drivers out there, not in the least. The other point is, I enjoy most F1 races, overtaking or not. Sure, while looking back at a race devoid of incident it's easy to say nothing happened, but that's speaking with hindsight and complete knowledge of what happened. When the race is going on there are a lot of variables and a lot of unknowns because of which it is genuinely tough to predict what could happen. That alone keeps me interested. But not everyone would really be enamoured by that alone, as it seems you are. I'm not being condescending, if anyone wants more action in F1 then fair enough I suppose. So, if having asphalt run-offs artificially introduces some drama and spectacle, it might be good for the sport in a small way. It shouldn't get to the point where drivers can just make errors wherever they want and get away with it, but having some leeway for error if it would help make things a tad more exciting can't be a bad thing. As long as it's within a limit which is acceptable, I don't think it would hurt.
  10. They should simply have a rule that if a driver doesn't make at least one overtaking maneuver on someone on the track (so faster pitstops don't count), then they get shot.
  11. Don't make jokes, slayer will think you are serious. Just ask Clarkson.
  12. they should indeed
  13. SlaYer has a severe brain damage

    SlaYer is my #1 F1 Fanatic <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. if someone loves F1 on this planet most I am..but not this crap they're selling off as F1 nowadays..
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