Why ryce?

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  1. I really dont see the point in modifying a Honda Civic...or any other econo-box. They arent made for racing, but just to get you to around town. I mean, if you're going to mod it to 400hp+, you are going to end up replacing 75% of the car's parts. Why not spend that money on a real sports car and save yourself the time and money?
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    You couldnt be more right.
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    There is a Integra Type R with turbo that makes 450hp. And yes, he did a lot of work, but the engine is still the B18C.
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    I think the reason why people spend so much time and effort "modding" up japanese cars is because when you have finished, and you are left with 400HP+ then you can really feel like youve accomplished something, and, which do you think is going to attract more attention... a 400HP stock american car ........or......... a 400HP modded up japanese import.i know which one....and dont kid yourself.
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    I guess there is a sense of accomplishment regardless of what you make fast. The problem is, 99.9% of the 'ricers' just put rediculous body kits and stupid stickers on them.
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    Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but thats what most of the people who buy these cars can afford, and besides, whats wrong with a bit of attention
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    did i not say the same thing 1 post before you?
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    Well, to tell you the truth, I couldnt care less if i saw, lets say a lancer, with a bodykit, huge spoiler, and "stupid stickers" all over the place, and it had no balls at all to back up its looks.


    If I saw what would look to be a stock lancer absolutely rip down a stretch of road and smoke another unwary driver before you can say, "your just another pathetic rycer".

    See its what you want to aim for with a set amount of money

    If you want to gain attention by stunning people, then the way to do it is, wack a bodykit on it, a huge spoiler and some "stupid stickers". Sure that works just fine around the community that doesnt really know their cars, and some who do.

    If you want to gain attention with a couple of bucks by suprising people, and really giving them a show, than the way to do it is upgrading the performance of your engine, and really having some high speed thrills.

    Some people can afford both, but then again, The problem is, 99.9% of the 'rycers' just put rediculous body kits and stupid stickers on them.....

    so says another unwary driver

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    Wow you got a whole 400hp out of your 4 banger! Good for you, turbos sure do help don't they?! Hahaha. I've seen V8's make 1,050hp naturally aspirated on 91 octane pump gas. One of my friends owns a V8 that has 920hp on pump gas. No 4 or 6 cylinder can do that. It's always turbo, turbo, turbo. Sure, maybe you CAN pull 1,000hp from a Supra. But you have to have twin turbos or some other kind of power addition. Face it, you can not make the kind of power with a 4 cylinder that you can with 8. Never.
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    That's true, but we don't need that much power all the time, we have to turn. Having that much power is quite hard to turn.
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    Whats wrong with having a power addition!!!
    Supras cal pull 1000Hp, so can V8's... you didnt really have a clear point then.

    Nowadays, everyone i know in Australia is totally addicted to Holden,(just australias branch of GM) and their V8's are extremely overrated (they put out around 350hp.. where a supercharged V6 puts out about 15hp under that). But for a V8, it cots alot extra.

    Im not knocking V8's..so whats your problem with 4 bangers and V6's ?
    I'm sure you could be alot more open minded towards the potential that V6 and 4 banger engines do have.
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    Why Race
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    Why Race
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    Why Race

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