Why show this car,and not the Turbo Version?

Discussion in '1989 Mazda RX-7 GTUs' started by bob777, Aug 9, 2002.

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    hey realm you know if your that high up then you are loosing about 12% of your engine power. I know I'm up in Salt Lake were I'm loosing mine. Just FYI.
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    Although the GXL is heavier bc it has extra garbage, the GTU doesn't have 4-pot calipers up front like the GXL. The turbo II would be great if you could find one with that little mileage. however, if you can't find a turbo with 80,000 or less, you should prob stay away. the turbo II's are more prone to blowing apex seals, especially if not properly maintained. good luck man and long live the 13B<!-- Signature -->
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    Its your choice, and your first car(i guess) Maybe it would be worth getting something not so high on performance(but this has alot for its age)would be a good idea, but not Daewoo sort of performance :p a late 80's early 90's are good for firsts, i wanted a 1988 Silvia K's 1.8 but then changed my mind when i saw an ad for a Trans-Am Bandit fullr restored for 13,000AUSD(sweet) so i gotta save up another 4 grand and it's mine baby, so you see it's all about personal choice and taste good luck finding that beast you want..<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey man i bought a 1986 mazda rx7 GXL it for like $1500 CANDAIAN, it needed a new engine so i put a new one in for around $1300 canadian. now it runs perfect, it has all options expect for A/C, it leather and its a 2+2, meaning 4 seater. Should i keep it, its in perfect condition, no rust no accidents, 2nd owner. Are these cars any good<!-- Signature -->
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    rx7's kick ass, consider getting your car ported e.g bridgeport, tallport etc, and be amazed with the increased performance. also watch your friends get pissed off when they find out that your car is only 1300cc!
  6. Why does this website show the GTU version and not the Real RX-7 the turbo Version?
    My freind owned a 88 turbo RX-7 and the thing was fast as hell for it's time espacially.
    But sad thing is,He lost control while makin' a right turn too quickly in the Rain and the car spun(360) and he got hit by a F$#*%ing Big-A$$ ford epxlorer and totalled it,at least he was alright but still......Oh and I test drove one of these(not his)with a 5 sp turbo
    just like his,and man the thing felt weak below 5k rpm(low torque) but once you got up to 5krpm or higher,freaking fast all the way to about 8500rpm redline(If I can remember correctly) and It was a dealer's car right
    The moron let my freind and I test drive it alone,lol
    So anyways I came to a 4 way stop on a small non busy road let everybody go,then I did about 5-6 donuts in a row ,when i had the car facing(well it spun around plenty of times but on the last spin) the way I came after about the 5-6th time of spinning around i just corrected it and got it going back the way I came with out stopping,lol Therefore this is a Great drift car,lol
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    The GTUs was a rare version of the car: all of the Turbo's suspension and brakes under a much lighter chassis (the turbos were fully optioned up and a few hundred lbs heavier). THIS was the model Mazda took racing, and won its championships with. That's why it's here.
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    I see but they should still ad the turbo version(to the site) as well don't you think.So how come mazda decided to race with this and not their turbo
    one?I mean couldn't they have just stripped it out(turbo one) and make it light too?
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    What Kind Of Rx7 Do U have I have a none Turbo Rx7 13B Bonez Intake Kn&N Filter. Stock Duel Exhaust for now... and a centreforce high performance clutch. Konig 16" Rims with toto low pros.
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    I don't have any kind of Rx-7 I test drove a 88 turbo 5sp and had fun doing so,lol.
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    Because of racing class regulations on turbo cars and displaceemnt. The 13B is already considered a 2.6 liter engine for racing class purposes (since it make power on every revolution like a 2 stroke, the displacement is doubled like a 2 stroke competing against a 4 stroke). Since the GTU class is under 2.5 liters, the N/A version was as close as they could come. Otherwise they'd have to run in the 5 liter and above classes, where they aren't competetive on power output.

    Yeah, I agree the turbo version SHOULD be on the site, as the turbos are the only variant available in most of the world.
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    Well that explains it,thanks.
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    Might wanna post some pics of your car
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    They probally wanted to show how much power the non torbo produced in comparison to the newer tubro. but yes they should have put both old one on.
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    I own one and to tell you the truth, this car is really fun to drive...STOCK! you don't have to do anything to the car, it's just a really fun car to canyon run with. The handling on the car is badass.
  16. The car is amazingly fun to drive. And they make their power and torque in the higher rpm's. One of the pro's using a rotary engine launches his car at redline when getting off the line (1/4 mile) not sure which one. But I think it's best to preform, and I bought one because I've fell in love with the way it looked, and its engine when I was 7. I am now 15 =)still in love.

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