why this car is bad

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta' started by Audiquattro4, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. We often give a little too much respect for this car. Here are some reasons they suck: (not saying I hate the car)

    - so expensive, you'd be worried to kick past 85 mph in it
    - not very fast [the Audi RS4 ($50,000)goes faster to sixty mph, did I mention it's a station wagon?]
    - A Hyundai has a better warranty
    - Cheap interiour for such a price (my cousin had 2)
    - it'll get stolen 3 minutes after u buy it
    - they lose their value incredibly fast
    - My Taurus SHO (for those of you familiar w/ muscle cars) gets unhappy at almost the same rpm as the Ferrari (7,000 rpm)

    However, I still love the car and there are thousands of reasons why they're good but I don't want us to overlook the cheaper brands.
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    Hey, what year SHO? I have a 1990 black SHO. Manual, do you got any pictures of it?.... SHO's are pretty wicked...<!-- Signature -->
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    1998 240hp V8, not very fast but it's nice (4-speed automatic, I hate that)<!-- Signature -->
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    all the cars in the world has great disadvantage, but look at the advantages, they are such beautiful cars that when you buy one you just look in the bright side...

    ferrari #1<!-- Signature -->
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    183 mph at 380 bhp is not bad, thats what I like.<!-- Signature -->
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    my brother has a SHO, pretty nice car, that thing can burn some rubber.
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    220 HP.
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    This car is Amazing! Any Ferrari is. I rode in a 1997 355 Berilnetta.
    It kicked @SS! Any Ferrari rules @SS.
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    this car(F355)is awesome and all those car's you mentioned below it are crap,espacially the sho,lol That thing got smoked by my freind's
    88 Rx-7 turbo with me in the Rx-7,lol.
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    You just can't put this car down. I mean you can't. Next to the 1967 Ford GT40 MK4(which beated Ferrari)this car is the best ever. Beatiful, fast,elegant and most of all the only car that looks slower than it really is. 180+ on a 213 cu. in V8, that is just spiffy. Come on who is with me?
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    first of all most people that buy ferraris buy them for hte name and 7000rpm its almost the same as 8500
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    im with ya!
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    First, the Audi is what, 8-9 years newer? I'll agree the interior could be better, but when you buy a Ferrari, you pay for the engine and they throw the rest in for free. As far as being stolen, Ferrari's are rarely stolen- no market for 'hot' parts, and everyone remembers seeing one go by. Monte Carlos and Accords get stolen. As for the warranty, if you can afford the car, you can afford to keep it running. Also, it's not about redline, it's about how quickly you get up there. With 5 valves per cylinder, it's pretty free-revving. I'll take an Italian mid-mounted V8 over a Yamaha V6 any day.

    A buddy of mine had an SHO. It sure didn't handle like a Ferrari.
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    Dumbass...if you can afford a ferrari you're not worried about fixing it.You don't buy a Ferrari for straight line speed. Can the Audi RS4 turn at 95mph? Lose value? Its hard to find a 98' for less than 100k.
    And don't even say that you're Taurus is a muscle car. 7,000rpm? Try a little closer to 9! Prove me wrong please. My best friends dad owns one. And there is nothing bad about it.
  15. This car is very nice. As someone said earlier every car has some disadvantages. For instance the cup holders in my car are just horrible, my headlights get hazy when they get exposed to too much sun, back seat space is not up to par because I like my seat far back. You can't bash a car for the minor negative things. Praise it for the positive aspects that highly outnumber the negative.
  16. why do you guys come in and say the cars sucks dont even bother making a post idiots
  17. I'm very disappointed in you

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