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Discussion in '1966 Dino 206 S' started by BrownDoggie, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Many of them were faster, better handling and more history than this car. To say that they are not in the same league as this car, what do you mean? This is a Supercar forum, and if an Integra or a 70's Celica can make it on here, surely a car that can outrun, outhandle, or was created in a longer lineage than this car deserves a place.
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    Fast and ugly and bad handling as well...<!-- Signature -->
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    looks like the batmobile
  4. I like this car... it's a piece of automotive history. But where's my '66 K-Code Mustang? '66 Fairlane GTA, or Chevelle SS396? Where's the Goats, the factory drag Dodges, the Yenkos, COPOs, Hurst/Olds? I like reading about all cars, but Americans ruled the world HANDS DOWN in automotives back then, and still do, as far as I'm concerned. Why aren't more of them on this post? They have a 218 HP Ferrari from '66, but not a 500+ HP Yenko Duece from '68, or a '59 Chrysler 300, first car to have a 100MPH trap speed. America had the fastest cars back then... and still do today. I like this car.
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    well as good as those were in an oval... or a drag strip they are not in the same legue as this car
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    I think it's another piece of art from Maranello.
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