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  1. Why do people love this car so much? I can understand the 800+ horsepower, the mind-numbbing 235 mph top speed, and the incredible 0-60 time, but why else than that? I'm not dissing this car or anything, but what's so spectacular about it that has everyone saying that it's the best thing to touch asphault?
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    Well, i love this car because it's the best viper there is. (That's been Fully tested with complete specs.)

    As to why it's so spectacular, if you compare this car to the ultimate supercars, like the mclaren F1, enzo, 911 GT1, F50, the 800tt will come out on top.

    While some say the 800tt beats those cars because it's just a tuner car, it's actually a Modified Production car. Hennessey motorsports builds, and sells the 800tt viper. (they modifiy it, making it a modified but still Production car.)

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    it was an awesome viper with great handling and great acceleration.
    one of the best supercars of its time. i like it very much.


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    This car looks so sexy lol sorry i had to say that but you can't disagree with me on that. This car looks like it has ALOT of power in it, also as the other guy said u compare it to others it comes out on top. 800 TT (800 Twin Turbo)which makes it so powerful
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    i kinda agree this car is looking so powerful and it is looking race ready, i just love the looks of this car. really a very nice looking car.


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    not great handleing, great grip. big dif.
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    Grip, is a pretty big factor of handling.

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