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    why, because they thought that with a attractive porsche body, they could, as all people want, make some money<!-- Signature -->
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    Its a 87 Ruf car the 3.6 turbo wasn t even made yet,so thats why im guessing its in here,and the hp numbers are about the same as the 3.6 turbo.And i think the 930 body style could be lighter then the 964 3.6 turbo making it very comparable, i wonder what would do what in a race agaisn t each other,old versus new.

    Dinan brings a good question tho why that car i would like to see numbers on performance not hp,cause that don t mean alot to me.<!-- Signature -->
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    You idiot, this was made before the 3.6 turbo.<!-- Signature -->
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    I d take it looks nice and aggressive
  5. hey don't say that about Porsches

    Don't diss Porsche asshole
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    This car was produced before the 3.6 Flat-6's. Being a supercar Guru, you should know that.
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    first off this is a 1987 RUF give it some credit for being what it is.
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    i donno why...
  9. lol @ the date/time of the first four posts in this thread.

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