Will there ever be a limit?

Discussion in '2002 Bentley State Limousine' started by Sinister, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Some where along the line there has got to be a limit. Do you think that one day people will say that, "that is too much luxury," eventualy there will have to be a peaking point. Dont you think?

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    well, I think there will be a limit someday on luxury. one day, there may be so much luxury that people won't even drive and that will just plain suck. but thats just me, others may think different about luxury
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    Nah, I don't think that even this Bentley is somewhere near the point where the max of luxury is reached!
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    nah...new technolgoy new forms of entertainment comes along new luxury. luxury is simply something out of reach of the normal person.
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    LIMIT?! HELL NO there will never be a limit along comes technoligy and there is more luxury so no there is no limit
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    I think that it's stupid to say "no there will never be a limit". There is only one thing constant in this world; Change. How does one measure luxury? It's all relative to your way of life and standard of living. For a mate of mine (who's used to driving old valiants), driving in a 1995 Ford Fairmont was pretty luxurious. It is a pretty luxurious car when we first got it, but now, it's become pretty standard.

    I think that there won't be a limit to luxury personally, because the standard of luxury (and the forms) will change, whether it be heated seats, or TV's in the dashboards.

    Anybody get me?
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    This forum is kind of a moot point, no-one except the British house of Windsor and Saxe-Cobourg (or however it's spelt) will ever get to feel the luxury of this car<!-- Signature -->
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    no there isn't a limit on luxury, because there's always something better


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