Will You All Please Just Stop It!?

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by BugattiFan, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. Jeezus christ. Okay.. lets first get straight that: Yes, I'm an american. Yes, I love the Vipers and Vettes and every thing ever made with the word Shelby in the name. In fact, the Viper and the Shelby Cobra are my 2 favorite cars of all time and the Vette is somewhere in the top ten. But for christ sakes us Americans need to give it a rest. Top speed means nothing when the record is set on a salt flat with special high speed tires. Granted I love this car and I think its amazing that it went this fast 14 years ago, but Europe hasn't seemed to be paying attention to top speed. They've slowly been making their cars a little fast then making them better handling, then making them a little fast and then working on their handling. Now 14 years later they are finally good enough to make a car that goes faster than this but can also handle the roads. We all say, well IF an chevy sent a vette with 4 wheel drive to LeMans it would win. Well the point is that its the Europeans who did the research to actually have to ability to send a car to LeMans with 4 wheel drive that can go this fast AND handle the corners. Meanwhile we've been sitting back for 14 years with our highest speed record not upgrading at all. Who cares if we COULD make a faster car whenever. The fact is we haven't done enough research to make a faster car that can win on a track and Europe has. Lets give our American companies 14 years to try to catch back up to Europe and then we'll see who has the bragging rights. But for now, as much as I hate to say it, Europe is too far ahead for us to try and make any comparison.
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    Like I commented before you don't know anything about this car.

    Next Europe doesn't seem to care about top speed?
    Ammm you relize that the whole reason for this car being made wasn't for any American challenge, it was (and brace yourself for this one) A EUROPEAN CHALLENGE!

    Do you even know about the other cars? (both European)

    BTW what the #$%# are you talking about a four wheel drive chevy in Lemans? You relize the Corvette now is a two time Lemans winner don't you?
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    dude vette stop dissin on him he has a valid opinion un like you all u do is dis dis dis
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    Its about time!!!!!!
    Thank God there are some people in the United States capable of reading stats and making educated decisions based on facts. Hats off BugattiFan.

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