Words/phrases do you hate

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  1. the phase "trust me i know what i'm doing". its mostly uttered by idiots or engineers that have no idea what they're doing.
  2. Yes i normally say this before i break something
  3. everytime one of my customers say this I stand back and end up having to do thousands of dollars of extra work.
  4. Lold so hard @ poor hate justification
    I still love this stuff
  5. Russia is pretty much the worst example of socialism you can come up with nowadays. Srsly 404 not found.
  6. or in dutch, my parents 'ik heb je een appje gestuurd'
  7. Can anyone find an example of a purely capitalist society?

    The very idea of a government is a socialist ideal. I'm still not convinced Hemistage is entirely sure what he's talking about.
  8. I think of Moscow/Russia as a purely capitalist society, seeing as the government is dysfunctional, and the only real authority comes from any individual's money or "capital"...
  9. I cannot stand any of the buzzwords abused in office conference rooms around the country.

    Ballpark Figure
    Brick and Mortar
    Low Hanging Fruit
    Make it Pop
    Think outside the box
    It is what it is
  10. Blue Sky Thinking
  11. tabernaque esti maudit anglais!

    EPIC is the worst word
  12. Let me bounce a few things off of you.
  13. In that sense I guess South Africa could be seen as purely capitalist. I'm under the impression that public safety is even privatized there.
  14. probably, maybe Brazil and a few other places as well
    the only one I've been to/spent significant amounts of time in is Russia though, so judging by that
  15. At the end of the day
    bubble up
    10,000 foot view (calm down fordman)
  16. Someone once asked me to "riff" on something and I almost killed them.
  17. go the extra mile
    flowchart (used as a verb)
    drop back and punt

    one that I did hear and rather enjoy was "nailing Jell-O® to a tree"
  18. 'the exception that proves the rule'
  19. so where do you work, the set of office space ?
  20. LOL seriously. If these are all things he's heard in his office, I feel sorry for him.
  21. Very frequently at my office, you hear of people throwing things to the wall to see what sticks.
  22. Agree. It just doesnt make any sense
  23. Business buzz words/phrases that don't actually mean anything. Luckily, I didn't hear them as much after I got out of business school, but they drive me crazy. Monthly CEO e-mails were always loaded with such piles of shit.

    Some examples:
    focus on our core strengths
    maximize our market position
    committed/dedicated to providing outstanding solutions/customer service

    Company A:

    I know it's been a rough month for all of you. July will bring new opportunities for growth as we focus on our core strengths to maximize our market position. We are tossing around ideas for new, value-added products since we're committed to providing our customers the best. We will need to synergize with each other in order to streamline the customer experience. It will take full collaboration and leveraging of our assets in order to bring about an impact on our customer base.

    CEO Dickhead

  24. Oh yeah i hate synergy

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