World Domination

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Which scenario do you believe to be true

  1. The World is already under one government

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  2. The US , Russia, China etc really are in competition

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  3. The US is trying to create a new world order with the US in control

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  4. Nazis rule the world already

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  5. Other

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  1. Do you think that world nations really are in competition with each other or do u think they are all under a ruling one world government already?

    Or Do you think the US is pursuing world domination or is it already achieved after WWII?

    Feel free to discuss anything under the topic of world domination.
  2. in before "jews"
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  3. Ya not good. When I say nazis I’m not saying that nazi ideology has continued with them. I think most of that was just an excuse to gain power. The Nazi people I’m saying could theoretically have continued and developing all the weapons and such could currently be in control.
  4. - Jews representative
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  5. Just want to say that I’m not that knowledgeable on this subject that’s why I made the thread. So all information is welcome.
  6. Are u saying you are Jewish? What info can u share etc
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  7. He's a Nazi.
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  8. Rothschild!!111
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  9. If I told you, I'd have to kill you
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    What do u think most countries are competing for ? Is it

    5)standard of living
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  11. Your mum.
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  12. Canada will take over and rule with a maple syrup covered fist
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  13. I don’t respect you
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  14. This badge says otherwise
    Screenshot_20190801-074415_Samsung Internet.jpg
  15. other people might but you lost my respect

    also I see Your future..

    .. 1859282d.jpg
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  16. Oh yay, an E-fight. It's been a while.
    I heard one of you called the other a riceboy.
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  17. 5 bucks on Supersonic
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  18. Your mum does!
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  19. I'm with w00t. Rothschilds.
  20. Anybody who didn't get an members in the wild picture and/or didn't adopt it as their Avatar doesnt matter.
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  21. should I do it to get respect
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  22. It's a start.
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  23. the earnestness of this makes me laugh
  24. Seriously I need some intelligent answers to this question... what are they fighting about
  25. whos got the most talent
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