World's Most Expensive Supercar, The Trevita

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    7:24.29 168.53 km/h - Maserati MC12, 632 PS/1335 kg, Marc Bassenq (evo #123)
    7:24.65 168.40 km/h - Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, 641 PS/1230 kg, Marc Bassenq (evo #123)
    7:25.21 168.19 km/h - Ferrari Enzo, 660 PS/1365 kg, Marc Basseng (evo #123)
    7:33.55 163.62 km/h - Koenigsegg CCX, 817 PS/1280 kg , Marc Basseng (evo #123)

    Only n00bs would think horsepower means everthing. Enzo is heavier with far less power than CCX.

    While McLaren F1 isn't the quickest car, at least it's a car I could drive daily and I won't get damaged hearing from driving it.
  2. RB is going to kill you.
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    That's the same lap time Tipo posted and like I said earlier the car wasn't setup properly in that test. Just for comparison the old CCR tested by SportAuto in cold conditions got a 7:34 time.

    What happened to those three cars on the TG track? all three got destroyed by a prototype CCX equipped with standard steel brakes and heavier wheels.
  4. That's one of the lamest excuses known to mankind: I didn't do well because I wasn't ready, the other guy had unfair advantage.

    Why the hell would anyone test something when it is not properly prepared.
  5. or is the base setup so bad on it that it has to be specifically set up for a track or its only half as fast?
  6. so with more horsepower it only managed a 7:34? #$%#ing sad excuse man.
  7. Yeah, I love the "It was only a customer car, those ones aren't supposed to handle well anyway" attitude.
  8. all of those could there poindexter.
  9. lol to be honest the CCXR Trevita/Edition would be overkill for any of these cars, a CCX Edition is more than enough to slay anything short of a track kit car.
  10. DIE
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    Yes... a boosted-up prototype that was actually more powerfull than the CCXR... and it had to be set-uped a bunch f times until they got it right. And this time the Stig actually finished a lap with it, WOOHOOOO!

    And I think no one actually ever showed Raging Balls or his disciple the GLORIOUS sound of ans Aston Martin or Ferrari V12. Compared to those, this baby just rattles...

    Don't say I never did you a favor!
  12. I actually can't think of a supercar that sounds WORSE than the Koenigsegg.
  13. does this mean we can FINALLY test what would happen if a diamond car crashed into a diamond wall at 60mph?!
  14. yeah because none of those cars pictured have any sort of track presence.

    oh wait they do as they've actually racing in highly competitive series with other cars and won.

  15. maybe in a drag race but thats it.
  16. LOL @ F50 and ScoRp
  17. thats almost as gay as some shitty nokia with $700k worth of glued on diamonds
  18. It's by far the most overpriced car on the planet.
  19. If I had $5 million I would spend $4 million on vintage Ferraris. Then I would spend the remaining $1 million on a Koenigsegg CCX, which I would proceed to light on fire and hurl off the scenic cliffs of Dover.
  20. Even if I'm super rich, I would not buy the Trevita because I don't want to get laughed at by people who know cars.

    This car is a bigger joke than aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya.
  21. the Scenic cliffs of Dover? Where are they?
  22. So the things you were saying in the first two pages aren't true?

    My heart is broken
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  24. If you do that, Raging Balls is going to bite off you testicles.
  25. seems like this thread has evolved into "what would you buy for 5 mil?"

    no need for me to answer that one

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