Worst and best sounding cars.

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  1. List 1-3 cars for each.
  2. worst toyota prius - toyota prius - toyota prius

    best pagani zonda - 360 challenge stradale - 60's 426 HEMI
  3. worst - pretty much every diesel engined car, apart from the volvo d5 engine.

    best is difficult, hmm.

    1. ferrari f50
    2. pagani zonda r
    3. cizeta-moroder v16t
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    2)F50/F355 =
    3)Gallardo/M5 =
  5. worst:



    spyker c8
    marcos mantis gt
    ferrari 360 challenge stradale
  6. F50 (possibly GT)
    McF1 (possibly GTR)
  7. God yes, the Marcos sounds amazing irl.

    edit: and so do most BMW racecars.
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    In the worst section, just the entry level daily commuters. Because there are heaps of amazing bigger engines, I'll just list a smaller engine of which I like the sound a lot:

    Alfa Romeo GT Junior (sweet footage)
  9. Worst: lol at Prius above

    Best: Carrera GT, 360 Challenge Stradale, 8C Competizione
  10. it's by far the loudest racecar i've heard. f1 cars exluded obviously.
  11. Best-Koeniggsegg ccxr
    Hemi Cuda
    lambo lp640 sv

    worst- honda civic
  12. Worst: All Honda

    Best: Mustang 5.0, 440 6 pack Roadrunner, GTO "The Judge"
  13. lol @ Koenigsegg


    - Ferrari 412 T1
    - Matra 670
    - Ferrari F50


    -anything with a fart cannon
  14. Worst: anything electric

    Best: Zondas
  15. Silly old man.
  16. best:
    426 hemi
    audi w12
    corvette zr1 engine
  17. Best sounding: 360CS, F50, Zonda F
    Worst sounding: Most old and high milage cars
  18. Well I'm not even gonna mention race cars because most of them sound better than road cars, also all Aston Martins sound great but I can't pick one.

    Best: F50, Carrera GT, Zonda F

    Worst: A lot of V6s, first that comes to mind is the Chrysler 3.3 they put in all their minivans.
  19. Worst:
    Renault modus
    Toyota prius
    Citroen berlingo 1,9d

    Murcielago LP670SV
    Zonda F CS
    Carrera GT
    Gallardo LP560
    Audi TT-RS (with sportexhaust)
  20. best:
    lp 670

    Fiat Punto 1st gen Diesel (aspirated, no turbo <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>)
  21. Going to do 4 since I can't decide:

    Murci R-GT
    Zonda R
    F50 GT
    Carrera GT with straight pipes

    Koenigsegg CCR/X
    Lawn Mower sounding Ricers
  22. even a b16b engine pushing 8600 rpm?
  23. even the NSX?! you must be crazy
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    srsly: NSX sounds awesome!

  25. 1: Maserati GranTurismo S

    2: Porsche Carrera GT
    3: Ferrari 360 with aftermarket exhaust

    Worst? Don't really know but the V10 M5 was i big disapointment to me when it came out. Diesel engines sound horrible....

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