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  1. There have been many dream cars over the years perched upon those auto show turntables, but which ones give you nightmares? They can be ugly, stupidly named, or simply unwelcome glimpses into the future of motoring. Some even inspire awful production models, which the public eagerly avoids. Cheers to the designers, and whatever new careers they may have moved onto! And let us not be too unkind to the Americans, French, and Japanese...

    As is tradition, it seems, the originator of the thread shall suggest at least one example. I find these three perfectly resistible.

    The Pontiac Aztek- aggressively unlikeable, fulfills all of my criteria plus many more. May be the single worst production car of all time. I mean that.

    The Nissan Nails- the world was crying out for a styrofoam truck with no ground clearance.

    The Ford SYN(us)- pretentious name, ugly, useless design. The furthest thing from sinuous (graceful, curvy) that an object can possibly get. My sinuses are bothering me just thinking about it.
  2. I like all of those. Fail.

    The Aztek looks awful in production version, the concept was much more right though. The Nails just looks purposeful, and yet different. The Synus looks like a tank, which it's meant to look like.

    I'd like to nominate the Dodge ZEO for looking terrible and 90s, the Chrysler EcoVoyager, the Mercedes F700, the Mercedes Bionic Fish, the BMW Just 4-2, the BMW Z13, the BMW Z18, the Chevrolet Sequel, the Audi Cross Cabriolet Quattro, the Nissan Pivo, the Nissan Azeal, the Nissan Jikoo, the Nissan Effis, and a lot of others that I'm bothering to mention.
  3. The second one rocks.
  4. Jup, i like it too.
  5. a vehicle like the nails coulds seriously work today. with gas prices causing all sorts of panic and shit, a stylish car based/unibody small pickup vehicle like the Nails could probably become a sales phenomenon. Id buy one.
  6. the only cool concept car is the 908rc
  7. any chinese made car
  9. the pontiac piranha was pretty bad too
  10. the f700 gets my vote as well
  11. Its mutually understood that any Peugeot concept is the pinnacle of design, however its hilarious to see the process go from concept to road car since the outcome is at times simply comical.
  12. The Pontiac Rageous
  13. The '99 Pontiac GTO Concept, that was ugly as hell IMO
  14. The front is awesome.
  15. Also my POV.

    Talking about uglyness, the first two things that came to mind were Citroën, BMW and Nissan. Specially the two later.

    2001 BMW X-Coupé (Chris Banger at its "b(arf)est")
    2007 Citroën C-Cactus
    2001 Nissan Chappo (what's the point?)
    2003 Nissan Mixim (WTF???)
  16. Any Bangle BMW, and 99% of all small car concepts.
  17. That Chevrolet Nomad concept a few years ago..god that was ugly.
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    I honestly dont understand how you can make a post like this and then say this

  19. i actually HATE the gt90. really hate it. Love the ford 429 though.
  20. I DO like the Scion xB's. Always have. (flame suit on)
    But this concept made me throw up a little.
  21. You should wear helmet when stating something like that. Or a bullit-proof vest. Cause I'll be the first to shoot you!

    You must mean the Ford Fourty-Nine. That's a nice car.

    Dodge Slingshot
    1990 Dodge Daytona RT
    2003 Dodge Kahuna
    2001 Dodge Powerbox
    2002 Dodge Razor
    2004 Dodge Sling Shot
    2001 Cadillac Vizòn
    2003 Chevrolet Equinox Xtreme
    2000 Chevrolet Traverse
    2005 Chrysler Akino
    2001 Chevrolet Borrego

    ... and I could go on for ages...
  22. I like the ZEO... quite a bit, actually.
  23. lol <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

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