worst movie youve ever seen?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Stick to Epic Movie.
  2. War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise.
  3. It wasnt too bad. Anyways I just logged in as you. Im wating till I hit jackpot with mod account.
  4. Now Im mpg...
  5. I was wondering why I got the occasional "you've been banned" script when I attempt to make a post.
  6. Dude, Im you again. What a shit site. I was jsut chillin as mpg too.
  7. mother #$%#ers

    are you just signing in and out on your account and getting other peoples? cause this could be a fun game.
  8. I've been signed into like 10 people already. Im waiting for a mod account then I'll have some fun.
  9. and War of the Worlds was that bad. I was praying that Tim Robbins was going to scalp Tom Cruise.
  10. The end was shit but the beginning was pretty awesome.
  11. but the acting was such shite. I've seen better performances in elementary school musicals.
  12. Whatever dude. I just enjoyed the effects and stuff. Seems like Im fully sik, eh?
  13. War of the Worlds wasn't that bad. Definitely some missteps, but it could've been a lot worse.
  14. TSCM here.

  15. come to think of it you're right. it could be battlefield earth
  16. I just enjoyed it for explosions and shit which were well done. (944 here now lol)
  17. Now Im this dude (944 here)
  18. so far I've been Z06, Phano, and Slayer.
  19. Now I'm me again. We need a mod to come on.
  20. I was just banned a minute ago, now I'm unbanned again.
  21. or James. either of us could have a field day as James.
  22. I wanna be Blacface.
  23. and now Atomic 2
  24. Torque sucked collossal ass and Anaconda is right next to it.
  25. Slayer has a cool looking background.

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