Would you buy one?

Discussion in '2000 Pontiac Firebird Hurst Hauler Concept' started by amerikan103, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. If gm continued to make the firebird and came out with a version like this, would you buy it?
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    Hell yes, this car is the shit. It has the looks of an ordinary Trans Am then it has a wagon cover in the back. I would absolutly buy this!
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    lol this is a joke to me ill stick to the base trans am LoL plus it looks kinda goofy
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    well I don't know... toss up between getting laughed at or selling my car to buy it.
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    It's ugly. However I personnaly don't lie the new FBody Design, The 1993 Z28 design was the best. At least better than the newer models.
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    Not me. But I'm surprised GM didn't make it. Hell, they've tried every other gimmick. This thing could be used ceremoniously to carry pontiacs to their final resting places.

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