WOW- in all aspects!

Discussion in '2005 Radical SR8' started by zzUltimaGTRzz, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Absolutely my favorite car! Why did no one think of this earlier? I REFUSE to die until I own one of these!
  2. what a rocket<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  3. Yeah, awesome car. I'm glad they're taking their talents to Le Mans as well.
  4. &#65321;don't think anyone can disagree
  5. some pretty sick stuff here... hard to believe its street legal.
  6. Phenomenal car, the video of it doing a record lap for a production car on The Ring is awesome.
  7. Is this thing street legal.
  8. Right after I wrote "is this thing street legal" I noticed that you already said it was.
  9. I thought it was only legal in the UK.
  10. anyone think that the Caparo T1 has a chance against this record?
  11. wow thing thing must light with that nice too
  12. this car only has 336 hp and has a v8 and is lighter than 1500 pounds AND can run a 6:55 on nurburgring, this car is AWSOME!
  13. The Caparo T1 definetly has a shot at the record! It's lighter and more powerful with newer technology for the brakes. I don't know what kind of tranny it's got, but it's got the SR8 covered in acceleration. It's claimed to have more downforce and higher cornering forces than any other road-legal car. I wouldn't doubt it with those huge f1-style wings. While the $300,000 plus T1 won't be stealing any sales from the $40,000 Radical, it might just break every record in the book. I'm waiting to see if it can break the Ultima GTR 720's acceleration and deceleration records. I've heard that it will do 0-100-0 in 8 seconds something to the Ultima's 9.4....

  14. lol... every record except the Veyron's 253 mph mark. That's why we have the Aero TT. Still, the SR8 is badass. Owns Veyron on the Nurburgring. Badly

  15. 5:57 by a BMW Formula 1 car!? no way

    and I thought the SR8s time was fast... woah
  16. Hey where did you here that man, was it maybe from Road & Track? Also couldn't agree more with you. To think only $40K gets you something like this, look out Ultima GTR!

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