Wow very nice

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  1. The car went from ugly a sin to F'ing cherry. The old pic of the blue ugly crap version should be tossed
  2. It does look better as a street car. You have to admit that the GT9 did have that crazy elongated Salt Flat speed trial look about it, and dang it if it wasn't a classy for speed trial car.

    I would definitely take the GT9R over the GT9, though...
  3. I'm not big on the looks of most porsches but damn this thing is damn sexy!
  5. I will wait for videos before saying it has been completely improved.
  6. Oh hey look a tuner made a 911 with a billion horsepower.
  7. I hope it turns out ike this
  8. looks a bit like a Spyker with those side and roof vents
  9. na, I really don't like the design of the Spyker but this is awesome
  10. hahah I was just thinkin the same thing...another one here it is...still like the Gemballa Mirage GT outta all of these.
  11. yeah the rear of the spyker is not attractive... and the interior? wtf.
  12. plus 1 I dont like the Spyker design at all
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    9ff just announced on their UAE website that they will be building a limited run of 3 GT9-R Convertibles. Thats just amazing ... a 256MPH Cabrio. Way to go 9ff.

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