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  1. this car rocks.
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    157bhp/litre? That's DAMN good.
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    Thats very good if this was a road car. Look at Formula 1 cars 800Bhp from 3 liters. Or the Suzuki Aerio and Escudo Pikes peak cars. One road car that no one's sure of is the TVR Speed 12. It was rated at 800Bhp because thats as high as it got before the dyno broke. A private owner said he has proof that his hit over 1000Bhp unmodified in an issue of EVO magazine.
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    I know i read that too, what do you think would win in a straight race the speed 12 race car or this?
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    Great car!
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    The Speed 12 would kill this in a straight line and on a track. The road and race versions of the speed 12 are both quicker than this. The race one hits 60 in around 2.2-4.
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    since not a single speed twelve was ever sold on peter wheelers instructions (the owner of tvr) i find that hard to beleive that an "owner" said that
    the project was canned for fear of lawsuits as the car was completley unstable and undrivable
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    dont think so somehow, since in teh reliability stakes, tvr speed twelve is unreliable, corners badly through torque steer and the fact that it is GT enduramnce racing means that cars have to run for up to 24 hrs, this is a better bet
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    800bhp+ etc is not sustainable for more than a few hours before needeing to be thrown away as happened to all teh 1500bhp bmw etc f1 cars in teh late 70's early 80s, any longer and they melt

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