Writing to my brother in basic training

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  1. As anyone who knows someone in the military or is in there themselves can tell you, BMT can be very lonely, and you basically survive on letters from home since it's your only contact with the outside world for 8.5 weeks of severe physical punishment and stress vomiting (at first at least)

    Anyway, I'm going to be writing him another letter tonight (hes in week 4) and after the normal big personal part of the letter, I throw in a bunch of funny quotes, stories, references to stuff he and my other brother and I all watched or know about, and the like. I'm starting to run out of material, so I'm hoping you guys have some good stuff for me to send to keep his morale up and at least get a good chuckle

  2. throw in stealth cat and some other youtube vids
  3. Can you send photos? Send lolstuff
  4. this is the wrong place to ask for material.

    draw pictures with crayons. that's what i did for my friend when he was in BMT, and later in Iraq.
  5. Yeah, I can print out photos and send them also
  6. aww

    throw in something about the crazy Nazi kid-namers.
  7. jj.am
  8. you're not his brother. You're acting more like his lover.
  9. Newsflash:

    Pretty much everyone with a close family member does this. I know for a fact old friends he hasnt talked to in years are writing him
  10. Draw pokemon pics with crayons.
  13. Send him playboys
  14. send him a free membership to sc.net
  15. Send him some porn.
  16. print out some LOLcats.
  17. Ah #$%# I can't believe you've done this!
  19. Send him an LM002 to blow up.
  20. is updated not often enough
  21. What Service is he in?

    I like the crayon idea but make the pictures really weird and, if oyu can, draw them while on some drugs.
  22. A friend of mine is going soon and i plan on sending him a picture of me in my undies with some candles lit with a caption that i miss him. I hope his DI's mess him up for it. His GF told me that I should also send him a bottle of lube!
    I told him to follow my footsteps and enter the USMC, but the ******* #%[email protected] out and is going in the AF. Thats what he gets!
    8.5 weeks means hes going into the army
    12 weeks is USMC
    2 days is navy
    1 day is AF
  23. I heard a disproportionate amount of homosexuals enter the USMC, even more so than the Navy. I think it's pretty that they can find a place to belong!
  24. Use postcards. DIs/CCs can have the joy of reading it to everyone then. Perfect way to #$%# with him.

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