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  1. The horsepower and torque ratings are way off for this car! The horsepower was vary much over 600. As for the quarter mile, 11 seconds is quite logical with some traction practice. As for the zero to 60 mid three to low four sound rite. This off course all regardless of what the auto t.v. shows and magazines/books tell you about the Boss 429. In fact auto consumerguide said this car pulled a 15.1 1/4 mile. Who writes these lies? There paid nicely to tell you "the cars of today have a major advantage above those old, loud, polluting clunker cars of the 60's." Let's be real here guys. A 429 c.i. V-8 with hemispherical heads. And a hopped up NASCAR qualifier engine. Don't believe everything you read!
  2. I agree but don't forget that the pictures show a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 which is also wrong because the info calls it a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429.
  3. actually the hp was about 550, ford just underrated it to keep insurance costs down, they do that with lots of there cars, the 2003/04 cobra rated at 390 but actually has over 400, I think it is closer to 420 hp. and 11 sec. 1/4 mile is not logical. this car is low 13 sec. and with lots of practice high 12 sec. that's a fact, a stock boss 429 cannot reach 11 sec. i've seen many tested. the 1965 ford fairlane thunderbolt was a hardcore street legal drag car, interior gutted and everything. it had a 550 hp high riser 427 and would absolutly spank the 429 and it's best time was a 11.6 sec. 1/4 mile.
  4. Man you need to chill out on your unreliable, lack of knowledge replies. I highly doubt you've seen "many tested"! In fact, when a few thousand cars are made (like this one, about 2,000) , its extremely rare you would see more than one, then see one tested! You need to stop on your muscle car trashing statements. Guess you've never ridden in one. A boss 302 alone pulled low twelve's, so a car with 200 plus more horse doesn't pull a high twelve. Get a life.
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    I never said I have seen them tested in person, I have never even seen a boss 429 in person. I have seen them tested lots on tv and in magazines (hot rod, car craft etc.) On tv a couple months ago they had a show to see what the best muscle car of all time is (they never included the t-bolt or the chevelle 454) but they had the amc amx, hemi cuda, chevelle 396, boss 429 and some others, i think they had a total of 9 cars. they put original period tires on these completely stock cars and the boss did a best of 13.1 after many tries, (it won all performance tests). a boss 302 that is stock does not run low 12's, they were rated at about 260 hp (i think) but actually had closer to 320 -350, 350 hp does not run you low 12's. I do believe you when you say one did it, but it was not stock. by the way there is nothing wrong with me correcting someone when they are wrong, i don't mean to offend anybody, and i was not bashing muscle cars with my post, i just said a stock boss 429 does not run 11 sec. I would never bash a muscle car, as far as i'm concerned they are the greatest cars ever made. when a 65 t-bolt can run the 1/4 mile in the same time as a 95 mclaren f1, how can you not like muscle cars (not sayin you don't). and i have ridden in a muscle car, in fact i own a muscle car, it may not be your conventional muscle car but it is one ( www.cardomain.com/id/nhl9119 ), and i plan on buying an 87-93 mustang soon too. so i will have 2, so don't say i bash muscle cars, i'll die before i do that.
  6. "I agree but don't forget that the pictures show a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 which is also wrong because the info calls it a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429.
    There's no replacement for cubic displacement."

    I couldnt help but notice your signature, and I have 4 words for you:
    Boost, Revolutions Per Minute.
  7. Hehehe, this car is way better then a Shelby GT500 in my opinion. Sorry sorry, but I've been in a 67 GT500 and a 69 Boss. I was at my cousin's garage. We usually fix up cars there or drive them to his dad's, my uncle's, and leave them there for him to fix up. That week my cousin's friend, a GTO Judge driver :D, had his dad bring his very own GT500 into the shop to get it tuned up and to have the engine balanced. Being a dream of mine I asked before my cousin works on the car if I could drive it. Surprisingly he says Yes and I hop in. On the street this car is a MONSTER, at the lights whenever I accelerated the tires would chirp due to the power of the engine. Now I thought this was Ford's best. Nothing beats the Shelby... Two days later my uncle phones up the garage and tells us hes got a surprise for us over at his garage. We drive over there in the Lil' Red Express Truck (popular 70's Dodge truck). To my surprise was a Boss 427 (I'd love to ride in a 429). Black, 1969. But I gotta admit, I wasn't that impressed after riding the Shelby, but first looks can be deceiving. My uncle told us it was his friends, leaving it here for 2 days while he goes to Alberta to pick up an old El Camino. Anyways, so he said me and my cousin could cruise it for an hour. At first I let my cousin drive first since I drove the Shelby just before. When we hit the highway the engine sounded GREAT! I mean like Dodge Viper great! And the speed wasn't far from a Dodge Viper either, we sped down the highway. Wasn't soon before I wanted a turn driving. Of the two cars, I'd have to say this cars even better then the well known Shelby. Long live the 1st gen Mustang!
  8. hahaha, first off, boss 427???? no such thing. The car in the pictures is a 69 boss (the hood scoop is the same color as the body, with the 70's, they were all black, the interiors on the 69's were all black, 70 had white added as an option) the boss 429's that came from the factory for the masses had about 375hp (offical rating) because ford put a horrible cam in it to tune it down, a small carb, and a smog pump. the ones built for racing (with a good cam, bigger carb, no smog pump) easily had 500hp....there were 859 total boss 429 units made in 1969, the total production numbers for the 429 reached 1355 (69+70). The 03-04 cobras came with 390 flywheel hp (many sources have proven this, the rwhp number matches up with this; 10-15% loss due to parastitic loss, so technically it should have about 351 rwhp as most dynos show)...as for spotting a real boss, each vehicle was assigned a KK 429 NASCAR production number, starting from KK-1201 running through to KK-2558. The KK number is located on a unique tag attached to the rear of the drivers door. they came with 3.9 traction loc rear ends, so with practice, low 12's are reachable, with a hotter cam and some nice drag radials, high 11's are very reasonable. To partially address the performance problem, Ford changed the camshaft after car 280 from a mild hydraulic unit to a hotter grind solid lifter cam, and lightened the massive racing conrods to make the engine rev faster. This took the power output up to around 400 bhp, (although officially it remained at 375bhp). to fit the engine, Kar-Kraft (the company that ford sent mustangs to to hand build the Boss 'stangs) had to build a smaller shock tower, move the suspension an entire inch outwards, put a smaller power brake booster in the engine bay. The car sat a whole inch lower than the other stangs.


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