WRX crashes through a house

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by catphish, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. zigackly and the e55 still out accelerates the z06 (rolling)
  2. and to think, i have to share Northern Virginia roads with that cocksock.
  3. not any more thanks to his mommy and daddy

  4. I find this hard to believe. What kind of Japanese car can damage a house that bad?
  5. Rally want-to-be drivers.
  6. It is faster then the C6, and sometimes the Z06 as well.
  7. toyota landcruiser Amazon???
  8. Yeah I'll admit I was surprised by the numbers it put up, awesome in a straight line no doubt about it, I wouldn't mind pulling up next to a C5 owner in one and smoking him, as long as there aren't any sharp curves of course.
  9. maybe if it wasn't just made of wood....

    anyway, the car was obviouly going pretty fast...momentum
  10. The E55 is not a fully straight-line cruiser like, say, the 300C. It can hold its own against sports cars. A good driver in an E55 can probably beat a chimp in a ZO6.
  11. not with the freakin traction control warning light coming on every second you dap the throttle. It is real irritating you know - distractions cause failures?
  12. You can turn the traction control all the way off in Dyno mode. If you want, I can write down how to do it.
    E55 C/D 6-04:
    0-60:4.3 seconds
    0-100:9.9 seconds
    1/4 mile:12.5 @ 116mph

    C6 Corvette, C/D 12-04:
    0-60:4.1 seconds
    0-100:9.6 seconds
    1/4 mile:12.6 @ 114mph

    In a 1/4 mile drag race, the E55 wins, and that's without the traction control fully off. An experienced drag racer might be able to shave 1-2 tenths in dyno mode.
  13. Funnily enough, that's not the first time I've seen a story on an Impreza that crashed through a house.
  14. ah, doesn't sound related then. doubt he would have cruise on in a residential neighbourhood. all i knew was that there was some recall about the throttle.
  15. I wonder what the homeowner did when he found out some kid in an STI attempted to turn his house into a drive-thru.
  16. its not an STi, genius.
  17. He was at redline, the top of third gear. That has to be at least 90 mph... in a residential neighborhood.

    I'd call that driving like a dumbass ric3boy.
  18. Minor detail, the kid who owns it probably wishes it was an STI
  19. How in the hell did that dude crash?
  21. What a dumbass R!cer.
  22. I hope you get banned.
  23. STFU and buy your OWN car
  24. its like 70-80 actually

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