WTF does Hummer have to do with this?

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  1. Man I've never seen so many dumbasses. This fine piece of high-tech machinery is a WORK TRUCK meant for payload and towing, not mudding you dumbasses. I've even seen comments as to why it has 4 rear wheels? LOL it's for extra traction is towing.

    If you were to chain this thing up to the Hummer it would rip the axels right out of the POS. The Ford driver probably wouldn't even notice the slight annoyance. It has 350HP and 600 torque way beyond anything Chevy or Dodge offers in HD. This beast should be able to tow 18000+ when it comes out. Here's some more specs:

    32 valve pushrod V8
    Bore and Stroke 3.74 x 4.13 per cylinder displacement of 45 ci (.745 L)
    Compression Ratio 18:1
    Cast iron block with bedplate design for extra stiffness.
    Heads are cast iron.
    Crankshaft is forged steel.
    Hydraulic lash overhead valves.
    Gen 2 fuel injection... electrohydraulic common rail with pressures as high as 24,000 psi.
    Siemens injectors with pilot injection.
    Unaided starting at 15 degF, -40 with block heater.
    Glow plugs.

    Garret Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).
    The terminology for the turbo technology is Electronic Variable Response Turbocharging (EVRT)
    The turbo has a set of variable vanes that are adjusted electronically to optimize boost over a wide range of speeds and loads.

    The cooled EGR system has a fast acting spool valve to instantaneously modulate the flow of cooled exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. This lowers the temperature at which combustion initiates and thus reduces the formation of oxides of nitrogen during the combustion process.

    Oil filter is a cartridge type from Racor mounted in the "V" of the block just forward of the turbocharger. It keeps the oil self contained like a printer cartridge for drip free maintenance. Similar filter will be on the PowerTorq transmission.

    Five speed automatic designed to handle all the torque the engine offers.
    First gear 3.09
    Second gear 2.2
    Clutch elements actuated by solenoids and computer.
    PTO can operate in all gears.

    Read em and weep buahaha. Even today if anyone wants monster towing capability they would go to a F-450 or F-550 rather then say a 3500HD, for about the same price and higher axel ratios and more hauling.
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    i am not trying to say you are wronmg or anything, this is a nice truck but the hummer hasd nothing to do with it.

    the hummer is in the military this will be an ambulance compared to the likes of a hummer, but as i said before in :this isn't going to go"

    the truck is a CONCEPT it won't come out and most likely it will come out as one of the trucks like the ford lightning

    it is only given the looks so people will buy it.

    what makes a truck a truck is:

    the tires
    the durabilitly
    the engine
    and towing capacity but this truck is not a true truck, now before you get huffy and puffy this is all good but this is not a true truck.

    and the fact that people buy hummers not becauise of the looks, but the off road capability something this doesn't have. This is all show no go it's like the dakota 5.9 r/t and the chevy s-10 xtreme
    not a 4x4 but seriously where did you get hummer out of this?
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    I think you missed the point of my post. It was show that this truck does has nothing to do with off roading. Even though this one ton would be very capable of offroading see the offroading test in Motor Trend a few months back and how the Chevy 3500 performed. It's intention is for payload and HAULING baby! <IMG SRC="">
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    well a true truck is something like the F-350 and the 3500HD
    this i have seen in a car show and the engine is not actually going to be diesel like it is said. i was questioning a ford guy at the autoshow and it is going to be a lightning engine and it is not going to look anything near this like it is supposed to look.

    as it is a concept the only real thing that will stay on it is the interior if it comes out.

    but seriously i have to admit you exaggerated a bit about the hummer vs ford chain pulling axle ripping crap.

    this is an aluminum axle this would go like tn foil

    nbut the engine in the ford is going to be a lightning engine as thwe guy said

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    One quick though, what do you mean this truck is not a true truck? Explain.
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    Axels made of aluminum...? I don't understand what your saying. There not. Dana 60's I believe. I also say this beast down in Detriot during the car show and there has never been any mention of a lightning engine going in this. The Lightning engine is a 5.4 with a supercharger and geared towards rear wheel HP. That's why they fly like a bat out of hell. The F-350 the PSII 7.3 diesel is meant for towing with torque being used primarily at low rpm's, helps to get the load going. That's what this truck is, a F-350, look at the title.

    As far as a tow off with a Hummer, a current day F-350 would pull the Hummer around without breaking a sweat. The engine there is a 300+ hp and 360 torque. Hummer is meant for off-roading - campers, enthusiasts etc...not a work truck. Again this is a work truck. You cannot compare the two.
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    this is a worktruck for the ones who don't want to go out to the rigs and such but i mean a dually is not a real truck thats what i mean
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    Camaroking, as your title says. stay to your cars.. i know what a truck is, and the different wheel variations on a truck, and as to what they do to the performance....duallies were built for towing. they have better traction.. so oyu say a tractor with more than 4 wheels is not a tracort? i beg your pardon, but why the hell do farmers put 8 wheels on ther vers or their john deere's? i work on a farm, and believe me, i know what is needed to tow. this, my friend is a truck. you do not know much when it comes to the truck actually performing what it was built for, work... WORK! got it?<!-- Signature -->
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    this is definately a truck but it won't go into production however parts of it will like the hydraulic acceleration assist mechinism that can accelerate it to 35 mph without the engine. you are wrong about the hummer it is durable heavyand more importantly powerfull with low gears (for climbing hills) it doesnt have as much torque but it is 4 wheel drive something that the tonka doesn't manage very well (typical of pickups all four of the hummer's wheels are meant for maximum traction(thus the variable tire pressure system).the hummer would pull this ford around by the (towing)balls.
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    farmer boy.
    as if i care right i don't want your opinion and another thing.
    do u think if they actually put this out in production that they would offer it in this dearborn ugly shape?
    and it's nice you work on a farm but you guys probably drive around dodges
    so just shut the hell up
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    dualies are not for traction as much as they are for not losing your load when you have a blowout on the highway. they will not put a diesel into a lightning you goober. dont listen to guys at carshows they know less about what theyre talking about than most people going there do. <!-- Signature -->
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    Alright for everyone saying this will never see the roads, you are right, but Ford said they will use many things from it such as design, suspension, and maybe even the engine, but the actual Tonka Truck will never see the road. Once I also worked for a guy and we hauled 18,000 lbs of wood at 70 mph never losing steam going up hills. That is a F-350 Power Stroke for ya! Just imagine what this monster will do. <!-- Signature -->
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    they are taking the grill section and making it the grill for all the new f-series... which looks kinda funny on an f-150. im lookin into bully dog technologies to get my 99 powerstroke pumping 380hp and 800lb/ft.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah I imagine that that huge grill would look funny on a 2wd f-150 but on a 4wd f-150 i suspect it would look pretty mean. What are you doing to yours to improve it so much? computer? chips? <!-- Signature -->
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    chip propane exhaust cannon... some guy around here supposedly will make a 420hp one for 12,000 but that sounds low because he twin turbos it and thats too much money when i can do 380 myself. after i was looking into that some more last night a guy pulled up to work today in a propane injected powerstroke claiming 470hp. he did pretty much all the above things but 470 is seriously stretching it... <!-- Signature -->
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    Wow, good luck, is it 4WD? There is a 4WD new Power Stroke Dually here in town with a suspension lift and 35" mudders, and a ram air hood and I swear it is evil looking. Anyway when you get it all together and you are pumping out the serious horses ya had better put those Duramax Chevys to shame and tow that 20,000 lb load up hill with pride. <!-- Signature -->
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    a hummer will piss on this truck and so will a toyota landcruiser. if you get the right tyres then a landcruiser could go further than the hummer
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    I like it ..... but...... HUMMER ROCKS IT!!!!!!!
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    acually landrover is the best offroader. it could go places hummer couldn't go, and the new range rover takes it to the limit. that car is just nuts for offroading, and it has a much better onroad to it to. but as the topic what the hell does this have to do with hummer. lets have a towing competition and see who all win, why do the race hummer is better at.

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