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  3. Yes, profile, and then in that blank bar at the bottom, use html codes with these } thingies. just the regular img code. I'm in Paris now, just went out of London.
  4. What's the coke price in London now? When I left it was ~900
  5. you can make some profit over here, 1617
    and Oxycontin over there?

    I'm looking for a phone right now ...
  6. how long does it take for the confirmation in the email?
  7. Pretty short, but if often ends up in the spam section in your inbox, check that.
  8. yeah i keep on checking, been like 8-10 minutes and nothing
  9. Just joined. Don't really know what I'm doing though <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    PS My email came practically straight away.
  10. My scag is only worth 95K. WTF I heard somebody say they are worth near to 200K
  11. Check how much damage it has, because my Lancer has 36'ish% damage, it's worth just $11k

    I hit the wrong button and dropped my Scaglietti

  13. man, i cant seem to do anything! i cant commit a crime!
  14. Is there anyone in London by the way? If yes, what's the ecstasy price there? I'm currently in Paris, but forgot about the fact that my Lancer is still in London and I want to sell it.
  15. Yeah I hit the wrong damn button and dropped the damn thing. But I already stole a SLK to replace it. So I only lost 30K. Its alot but it could be worse.
  16. ecstacy is 980 in london
  17. Coke in Zurich - 686 X - 1127
  18. 980.. *calculating calculating* let me buy a few g more, then I'm on profit. It's 539 in here in Paris.
  19. Oh, that's pretty interesting, too bad you can use airfare just once per hour.
  20. I have to wait an hour and a half to sell my damn car! This sucks
  21. Damn, i keep getting caught
  22. You have to have a gun to kill people?? Why cant I kill people with a knife??
  23. This game is very addictive....
  24. Patience, my friend. The longer you play the game, the bigger your chances become.

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