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  1. hello....just joined because my boyfriend told me its a cool site. so yeah.... nothing much more to say but if u got any q's, ill be happy to ask
  2. The hell?
  3. huh?
  4. I think you just ruined any chance of anyone actually believing you're a female.
  5. um....ok.....can u tell me how i did that?
  6. "if u got any q's, ill be happy to ask"
  7. oh.... i just couldnt think of anything. i dont know about yall, but when i meet somebody new i like to know a little background about them. but i guess thats just me
  8. so............really, which member is creating all these "girl" accounts?
  9. I don't think you noticed its supposed to be "I'll be happy to answer" not "I'll be happpy to ask". And "my boyfriend said it was a cool site" is total bull reason to join thats why we think you're a guy. Whats your boyfriends screen name? I'll ask him<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  10. I actually believe her
  11. sorry, but i didnt know that a siple mistake of typing would make u a member of the opposite sex. if thats the case then im sure everyone who has ever touched a keyboard is now the opposite gender as what they were born as. btw, his sn on here is streetdreams84.
  12. Your boyfriend is a clueless noob.
  13. i cant deny that since i have more posts than he does and ive only been on herer for a day. hes not the brightest one in the bunch. but now do u beleive me?
  14. I'm the sister of BOBITRON.
  15. and I'm your father.
  16. Daddy!
  17. You guys made me!?
  18. Oh no wait wait, that's not right, I'm confused now, let me rest for a sec.
  19. ok ok ok ok I understand it now.. but who's my mother then?
  20.'re all insane
  21. Hey, moo was just asking about you.
  22. Veyron.
  23. haha
  24. am i moo's mother?

  25. ...and FR's biatch! Even cooler!

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