Yes, it uses a supercharger.

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  1. I'm just so tired of these hahasuperchargerhaha 3rd grader posts I decided just to make what will hopefully turn out to be the last one. The 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra, uses a supercharger. By now, we all know this. The idea was the most power they could get while trying to keep the costs low because a new Mustang is coming out around '04 thats completly redesigned from the ground up. Thats gotta cost a pretty penny. Not to mention them designing the new DOHC 5.0L in the FR500 concept vehical that produces a peppy 400 naturally aspirated horsepower. So, like the supercharger you guys can whine like little girls on your first period all you want, but the fact remains, you'll be whining while the guy in the Cobra passes you, and quickly. If you have a car that is faster than it anyway...then why are you bitching? Your cars faster, dont you have better things to worry about?
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    i saw the 04 mustang it looks pretty cool maby ill get that for a graduation present
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    From all the magazines i read, they say that the supercharger whines too. LOL. Just Messin whit ya bro. Still a nice car.
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    Hate GM but still nice to know that there is a minority of thier fans with some sense!! :)
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    The musclecar creedo: "There is no replacement for displacement."
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    technology makes displacement a little bit obsolete at this point. besides, who's got the engine that ford needs to compete with now? the new gto? when it comes out, i think you'll be seeing the new stang with a smaller engine putting out more horses...natuarally aspirated at that. if you want to talk displacement, why don't you go take your little 5.7 and knock on big brother viper's door? ass clown.
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    Putting the smack down. lol. how you been pony?
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    It does have a nice ring to it, but keep believing that and you'll end up like the dinosaurs or a better example the camaro. Instead of trying to preach an old tune, evolve or become extinct.
    Havent you seen what people can do with smaller engines? put turbos superchargers etc, and blow away the naturally aspirated contender. As much as we all like to see NA engines, the reality is that it is way less expensive to make up the extra horses with forced induction as opposed to having an engine with the required amount of horses.
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    Stock production cars have used forced air induction for years, yet whenever an American car company uses it people bash them. Why is that? Porsche is considered by most to be a very high quality sports car maker, yet they use forced air on many of their cars. Import lovers everywhere boast about the turbo charged RX-7, Supra, Skyline, etc. But then when Ford uses a supercharger they say it's "cheating."

    Imports and Domestics alike use aftermarket blowers and turbos all the time. Frankly I think the fact that it comes stock with a blower is a bonus. The compression ratio has been lowered, the internals are forged and it comes with a stronger block. In other words, the engine has been specifically designed to accept the forced air while maintaining a longer engine life. Also, instead of plunking down thousands of dollars for an aftermarket blower you pay a few hundred dollars for an aftermarket SC pulley. That is a very cheap way to add a sh1t load of power.

    The only downside to the new Cobra is the weight. But the power, suspension overall cost more than makes up for that. If the SVT team could find away to dramatically reduce the weight without raising the cost, this car would be perfect! Of course, that's probably asking too much. They've already outdone themselves with the current design.

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    hey hoseman! i'm doing well...yourself? haven't been on here much as i'm still settling into married life and a new career, but aside from that all things are smooth. anyway, i hope that noone gets the impression that i think displacement isn't important...i do. it's just that i don't believe it's the only way to be successful. and, as sean points out, nobody knocks porsche or toyota for using a supercharger. and let's be serious here....i think it's safe to say you'll soon see a GM car with a blower of some kind. with time, it will happen. the thing is, by that time, ford will be too far ahead to catch. i'm just glad that at least ONE american car company had the balls to go on a limb and take a shot at the supercharging and turbo-fied imports. hey...they can only get better as they go.
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    On the contrary, it's NEVER too late. Chevy guys were saying that back when you had the 225 horsepower 1998 Mustang GT vs the 305 horsepower LS1 Camaro. That was a laughable competition. Ford and Chevy have gone back and forth for years. Just because Ford started using blowers first doesn't mean they're going to innovate a method that Chevy is incapable of using.

    Most r1ce burners think Ford, GM, and Dodge are not capable of creating high reving, small displacement engines with high horsepower per liter. The fact is we WANT displacement. I'll say that again, WE WANT DISPLACEMENT! The sound, torque, and horsepower potential is just plain better with larger displacement engines.

    There are of course, other methods for creating power. Using DOHC to increase RPM, forced air induction, etc.

    But really, who the f*ck would want a 2 liter I4 Mustang even if it revs to 9,000 RPM? Loud pavement schredding torque is what American muscle cars are all about, and the "big three" Amerian car makers are happy to oblige.
  12. Re: Yes, it uses a supercharger. are right about that. it really isn't that easy for any of these companies to stay very far ahead of the other. still, i'm glad someone had the balls to do it. it's not like the cobra's engine is small. yeah, it's a 4.6....but that's pretty big by average. and the blower is just added fun. really, my point is the same as what everybody else with sense is saying....power is power...regardless of how you achieve that end. it just sickens me that so many people are GM backers so hard-core that they fail to see the doors that have been opened for all american comapnies with the use of the supercharger. there's a lot to be gained here.
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    I couldn't agree more. It will be interesting to see what Chevy does when the come back with the Camaros. I'm willing to bet much of it will depend on the powerplant of the C6 Corvette, just like the LT1 and LS1. Perhaps a 5.X liter DOHC? Who knows.
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    I noticed you haven't been around much...good to hear from ya. As far as this debate and chevy fans whining about the supercharger, they forget that some great cars made by GM, ie the GNX and turbocharged trans ams not that long ago also used forced induction. That didn't take away from how good they were. Anyways there are still supercharged grand prix which are pretty quick little cars. GM has the technology, they just don't use it on their best cars. Imagine the base corvette with the z06 powerplant and the z06 with a 6 pound blower on top of its already class leading 405 horsepower. It's true, power is power, forced induction is a part of racing so get used to it. If GM uses it on their cars it would be a good thing for the industry.
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    I would agree with your point that the future powerplant of the f-bodies or at least the camaro would be based on the corvettes engine as it is right now, just slightly detuned. It seems GM does not want to waste any money reinventing a new car and engine as it is apparent with the 2004 GTO. It will be interesting to see if they can compete as well as they have in the 90s-2000s with the new generation. Especially with Fords new advanced dew-lite platform and a stroked 5.0 SOHC GT and a 5.0 DOHC Cobra.
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    Exactly! When the C6 'Vette is finally released, it will likely be a preview of what to expect from the new Camaros (minus some power and refinement). I'm also predicting they're finally going to listen to some of the common complains such as interior, visibility, etc. I read that the manager of the C6 project demanded to be personally involved with the interior design, paying close attention to materials and style. I'm positive they will also follow suit with the new Camaros.

    In my opinion the F-body was too focused on the racer-boys and it wasn't suitable enough for the general public. Just like Corvettes you almost fall into your seat because it sits so low. And as I've mentioned before the interior, ride quality and visibility leave much to be desired.

    If GM can work these issues out I think they'll sell like hotcakes. Of course, they'll have to contend with an all new, re-designed Mustang. God I love competition!
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    Yea it seemed like they [GM] didn't do sh#t the last years. The interior, visibility, that bump on the passenger side, not updating its looks for 9(?) years...GM basically thought that they could sell an engine with four wheels. Hopefully they will put some thought into it the second time around. I almost bought a mid 90s LT1 but just couldn't stand the looks or anything except for the engine.
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    Give me your email address would you? You can send to

    R1ce Burners, no hate mail please.
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    You have mail.
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    Don't waste ur time WhiteGT, they're all just pissed cuz they're gonna get smoked by a car can wipe out everything in its own class, and some above too. If they didn't diss the charger, they'll find something else.

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