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  1. yes well while all you guys are wishing to own one or at least borrow one i am siiting in the ford shop rebuilding the engine on one cause some chinese guy tries to squeal the tires in first gear and the transmission blew on it he replaced the original transmission with some jap crap so we just took it back from him cause it was some kid who didn't respect american muscle and the mechanics can take a vehicle away if we think the guy or girl who owned the vehicle disrespects it

    and so it is sitting in the mechanic shop with an engine ready to be put in ORIGINAL MIND U and what happened with the chinese kids engine?

    we sold it back to him for 3900.00 why?

    because we put it back together and the truth is, it was a ford minivan engine a 3.4 liter to be exact.

    and the guy didn't know the difference we wouldn't give his lightning due to the fact that he wouldn't pay for the repairs.

    whats up with that???????????
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    wounder what was running through his head
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    your not a mechanic moron... you dont work for ford and you cant keep someones car.. if he wants to put the engine from a yugo in his lightning and he pays for it you have no choice but to let him. i watched a guy strip a 12,000 cherry boss 302 for the engine and put it in a 75 maurader and put the maurader engine in the boss and sold both cars for 2,000 each... some people are retarded but thats how human beings are. <!-- Signature -->

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