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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by PandaBeat, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. You like?

    Yes - but I think the fact that GTB stands for Gran Turismo Brazil is pretty funny.
  2. You like?

    I'do, that red one is awesome. It is beetle based right?
  3. You like?

    The first one = not really, but the second one is awesome awesome awesome. I want one. NOW.
  4. You like?

    Ohh just saw some more pics, these two are powered by some 6 cylinder. Which engine is that? Some of the Puma's were beetle powered right?
  5. You like?

    si, I like
  6. You like?

    The red one has a Kingswood front end.

    HSV, back me up on this
  7. You like?

    btw, no
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    You like?

    Yep, Puma was a brand, there were other models, some were powered by beetle power, but this one uses an american Chevrolet (but Brazil-built) 4100cc inline 6.
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  10. You like?

    I like.
  11. You like?

    Pretty cool for a Brazilian car. Wiki says it was ~1200kg, which with the 168HP it had would make it fairly quick I would guess.
  12. You like?

    not the red one.
  13. You like?

    Yes the red one.
  14. You like?
  15. You like?

    I want one. Ship me one.
  16. You like?

    Come get it.
  17. You like?

  18. You like?

    yes. Brazilian cars kick ass.
  19. You like?

    I like it, the designe of both cars is very easy on the eyes. And an V8 dropped in one of those would make them nice on the ears as well.
  20. You like?

  21. You like?

    i like alot
  22. You like?

    i like alot

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