You US-guys are strange ;-)

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    The spoiler helped the car at speeds of 60mph and up. And the wings arent that heavy. Its made out of fiberglass.
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    And didn't come into full affect until 130mph. The "true" affect began at 100mph, but could be felt by 57mph.
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    YO! This is the SWEETEST car EVER. My neighbour has one...I think... it looks alittle different on tha front, like the headlights on this one look a little different some how. His is dark "navy" blue, and he ahs some mods on it, and he takes it to the drag strip EVERY weekend! IT'S SOOOOOO LOUD, it's a #$%#ing chick magnet too, I want one<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I dunno wut mods he has on it, but I know he uses Hoosier drag slicks, cuz even with those monsters theres a lot of wheelspins thru every gear. He must have huge amounts of power, cuz he did the 1/4 mile in under 11 sec.... I can remember tho...cuz it was in the summer time... it was high 10's I think.... or low, I dunno, I CAN'T WAIT TILL HE TAKES IT OUT AGAIN!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    What an ugly car!!!!!!i rather have a ford modle t
    than this big ugly pile of junk!!!!!!!!!
  5. one of the best mopars ever built

    this car was made and designed to go fast on the track.It was built by creative industries if my memory serves me right and with the correct axle ratio and the hemi engines it could go over 160mph.
    It was an unbeaten nascar champion with her sister the charger daytona.Only 1935 superbirds and 505 daytonas have been built.
    rare and nice mopars.


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    The car's a bit long, but it definitely ain't ugly. A thought just occured to me. I bet some chick would say the guy who designed this was trying to make up for something. LMAO
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    The problem was they only kicked each others arses. Americans obviously could not understand the very important issue called power to weight ratio. For a 425hp car the topspeed of 230kph is very low.
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    the stats are wrong and you have a lot to learn about mopars.
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    Anyone who says 230kph for a 1970 muscle car is slow is an imbecile, pure and simple. they were rated for at least 150mph, and that was one of the fastest CARS on the road, not just of inexpensive muscle cars. It sure ain't pretty, but there's no denying the relative speed of this car. Hell, there still aren't that many cars that do 150, and this car is 34 years old. Short of extremely high end super cars (maybe a 365 GTB/4 Daytona or a Miura are a bit faster, but were waaay more expensive), nothing could keep up after about 100.
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    this was a worldclass dominator in the NASTYCAR ... (nascar) circuit, it was disqualified to race after it took the world by storm , what a cheap shot. The darn thing pushed the 210+ mark in 1969 and 1970 and the bias-ply tires and tire companies could NOT make a tire that was safe at that speed.... truely ahead of it's time. and yes more than ugly, but it was a purpose car, and that is to win just like it did!

    The Killer
  11. thekiller's right they actually had one at bonniville that hit 217 hmmm that sounds familier oh yeah Thats the top speed of an Enzo i like the look though
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