Your favorite Concept car?!

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  1. Damn I badly like the Italdesign Schigera...
  2. Definetely the Seat Tango. One of the most beautiful roadsters I've ever seen! It's really a shame Seat didn't want to produce it. Great concept car!
  3. de mercedes f500 mind
    its stimated cost is 2 MILLION EUROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ford 49
    Aston Martin Bulldog
    Chrysler Cronos
    Ferrari Mythos
    Pininfarina Rossa
    Chrysler Atlantic
    Cadillac Cien
    Cadillac Vizon
    Cadillac Evoq
    Cadillac Imaj
    Volkswagen W12
    Chrysler Thunderbolt
    Buick Y-Job
    Cadillac Cabriolet Speciale
    Cisitalia 202
    Alfa Romeo BAT cars
    Jaguar XJ13
    Pininfarina Modulo
    Buick Blackhawk
    Lamborghini Zagato Raptor
    Ford GT90
    Mercedes C112
    Ghia Ford Focus
    Audi Avus
    Jaguar F-Type
    BMW Nazca
    Chevrolet Bizzarini Manta
    Chrysler Portofino
    Renault ZO6
  5. No one has yet to mention the Peugeot Hoggar.
  6. I love Alfa Romeo Carabo. Any pics?
  7. Lancia Fulvia
  8. HRT 427
    Holden Hurricane
    Cadillac Sixteen
    Lamborghini Cala
    Ford GT90
    Ford Indigo
    Nissan GTR
    Nazca C2
    Bentley Hunaudieres
  9. Cadillac Cien
    Cadillac Sixteen
    Italdesign Scighera
    Fiovaranti F100
    Ferrari Rossa
  10. has to be the Audi Nuvolari Coupe!
  11. Bugatti ID90
    Audi Nuvolari Quattro
    Audi Le Mans Quattro
    VW W12 coupe
    Bentley Hunaudieres
  12. what's a nissan GTR?
  13. Peugeut 907
    Italdesign Scigera
    Chrsyler ME-412
  14. Seat Formula and the Lancia Fluvia.
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  16. Shelby Cobra Concept. Absolutely stunning, gorgeous, powerful, fast. Its everything an american muscle car should be - no top, crazy power, two seats, long hood. AWESOME.
  17. what about the maserati "bird cage" by pinifarina

    when i found out that thing was REAL and not just some empty shell, my "gear shift" got a little stiff
  18. Pininfarina Nautilus
    Ford IndyGo
    Jaguar F-Type
    Cadillac Sixteen
    Holden Efijy
  19. Chrysler ME 4-12. It is so sad it will never see the inside of a showroom.
  20. Dodge Sidewinder
    Chrysler Phaeton
    Ford GT90
    Jaguar XJ 13

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