Your favorite sandwich

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 2998ccCSL, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. my new favorite

    hot beef pastrami (with extra pepper)
    medium dark toasted wheat
    full fatty mayonayse
    dusseldorf mustard
  2. they have this sandwich place near here with about 50 different sandwiches. i forget what's on "The Hindenburg", but it's good... but my favorite is "The Titanic", which has prime rib and a couple real nice cheeses. you can get it w/ a dipping sauce, but it's good just by itself. on a french baguette bun.
  3. That new steakhouse beef dip sandwich from Quiznos is awesome.. Roast Beef, Swiss, French Onion sauce, Pan Roasted Au Jus
  4. prime rib with various cheeses baugette.. freakin... 15 dollar sandwich.. im jealous
  5. Freshly baked wholewheat bread with mayo, year matured swiss cheese, sweet tomato and crispy bacon.
  6. Are they all named for disasters?
  7. Like, ham and cheese.
  8. Just think. In a few years someone might name a sandwich after the trade centers.
  9. blt with turkey and avocado.. i am gonna have to get one of those tomarrow just bcuz of this thread
  11. honey bacon club, no onions
  12. Roast beef w/ pepperoncinis, jalapenos, mustard/mayo, salt/pepper, onions. All on a wheat roll. Damn, so many reasons to get back to the US.
  13. you should try the Chernobyl... it's sweet delicious death.

    no, not really. but most of them have special names like that. just so happens two of my faves are named after big metal structures that got sodomized by hubris.
  14. Big ass Cheeseburger. The best sandwich possible.
  15. whole grain bread, turkey, mayonnaise, dijonaise, bacon, lettuce, cheese.
  16. Most days I work at Quiznos I get a Chicken Carbonara on rosemary parm' bread w/ hot peppers. It's f*cking orgasmic.
  17. A hot veal pannino dripping with pasta sauce, parmesan cheese, and sauted mushrooms.
  18. BTW there is NOTHING better than a good sandwich. But then again I've never tried heroin...
  19. Them shits are delicious.
  20. No, that's true. A good steak sandwich is one of the best ever.
  21. Dark/Sourdough/anything but white bread + at least 2 kinds of meat + at least two good kinds of cheese + Vegis + Sauce/mayo/mustard/S&P =awsomeness.
  22. Some italian meat, lettuce, onion, olives, banana peppers, salt and oregano, and Oil and Vinegar.

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