Your Favourite Commercials

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  1. I love those Gecko Insurance commercials.

    1: his VIP parking stall
    2: Him holding hands with a gilr and twirling in the flower feilds, sappy, kitcshe, awesomeness.

    I don't remember the vehicle, but this girl gets into this guys car and is all excited and tells him to keep driving like they are chasing him and her life is in out she just likes the car and wants a ride(or likes the boy)..heeheehee..
  2. The New mini convertible is cool also. Shows this guy jumps into the air and in slow motion he starts going down a nd right into the mini he lands an' he drives away.."Always Open"
  3. Glen. Glen Glen Glen. Glen Glen Glen!

    Glen's the man
    Going to work.
    Got his tie
    Got ambition.

    He knows one day
    He just could become supervisor.

    Roy. Roy Roy Roy....
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