Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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    May as well start this again.

    Today I bought a cheap lens. Canon EF 70-210 F4. Can't go wrong for £50!

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  2. I bought a Nikon coolpix. It's my first Nikon ever
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  3. Some vinyl. Because i'm hipster like that.
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  4. Cool! Which one?

    I actually still have my Nikon. I have wide angle options with the Nikon and telephoto with the Canon, so I have to carry both around sometimes!
  5. s7000. i needed a point and shoot for work
  6. WiFi, NFC, and as much zoom as that? tbh it looks pretty great, especially as small as it is. NIce one.
  7. Some chocolate milk and pop tarts. I had a dentist appointment this morning and celebrated a good report with junk food.
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  8. Two bottles of wine. So cheap here.

    Need to buy a new coat so I'm hoping I find something that tickles my fancy tomorrow on my day off.
  9. I'm sure I bought some wine from a shop in Paris for under €1 when I was there in 2006

    EDIT: It was 60 cents, I'm sure
  10. Baby carrier and beer. Because ya gotta hold something tasty with those freed up hands
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  11. My friend is going through a divorce and is scared about being a single mother. So I bought her a copy of Wolf Children.
  12. Is that like A Modest Proposal
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    Yeah. I thought if things got really tough, she could just go the hamster route and solve all her problems at once.

    Edit: The actual movie is about a struggling single mom doing well for her kids through perseverance. But it's an anime, so they had to have a quirk somewhere. That quirk was wolf-people.
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  14. After 4 years of my good knives slowly becoming shitty, I bought a honing steel. Wusthof 10", $25 on Amazon

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  15. nue classic photo
  16. I also get a bit of a chub when I think about knives
  17. Piece of sheet rock and all the utensils that go along with it

    Tearing down a partition wall and re doing it with a nice big gaping hole
  18. Hope you like dusting.
  19. Bought some shorts on AliExpress and now we wait a month for the stuff to arrive to see if they fit.
  20. A second set of wheels for my Suzuki. Three sets of tires.
  21. Broodjes bapao
  22. Last three things I bought were all burritos.
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  23. This website.

    And a mg scale so I can cap my own sups.
  24. orange juice and sparkling water
    exciting sunday

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