Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. tj hughes is closing
    probably some good sales in there
  2. Picked up a TJM roof top tent for my white truck.
  3. I bought a new car. Its a 98 Volvo s70, and its the newest car I've ever owned. Its also the first fwd car I've ever owned, but on the plus side it has a turbo and manual transmission.

  4. 3" exhaust plz
  5. Out with the old, in with the new.

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  6. Fran wheel air force dual action air bike
  7. currently shopping for : 4K TV and new AMP
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  8. HDR is a must for the TV, do you care about ATMOS for your audio?
  9. Kind of been on a spending spree last couple of weeks.
    Asus 24 inch monitor for the PC
    Set of golf clubs
    Upgraded video card
    set of 10 pre wrapped coils for vaping

    I think I have an Amazon Prime addiction.
  10. Is 4K really worth it? TV just went out the other day so now I'm in the market. However the prices are out of control. What brand are you looking at?
  11. the Vizio (lol I know but Costco's warranty is interesting) I'm eying has it.
  12. I don't need it right now, but my 40" from 2008 is starting to age and I sit like 14" from the TV in my new home theater room. The TV looks way too tiny. I also have a TV stand that can fit up to a 55" if I want my speakers to stay on the table. If I want a 60", I need to buy speaker stands (+300$) so still unsure what I'll get between a 55 and a 60.

    Then the AMP is also from 2008, a entry-level Denon. The Yamaha 681 I'm looking at sounds like a good upgrade.

    Why 4K? PS4.5 soon, next Apple TV, etc. I don't change TV often so I need to make the right upgrade now.
  13. Got my dad a new laptop (using his money) - a Lenovo Y700 15.6" that's much more of a computer than he needs. He has the money and needed an upgrade, and that's the best value for money laptop around. It will be his first laptop, so he will be able to move around the house with it for the first time, connect it to his living room TV and basically just get a better porn experience.
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  14. Seriously don't buy anything Vizio. Spend the extra 100$ and get the equivalent Samsung or LG.
    Vizio buys old screens from other manufacterers and adds theor own second rate components. So you save 100$ on a much lower quality product.
    Everybody thinks they are getting a bargain on a Vizio. When in reality they are overpaying for what you are getting in a Vizio.
    I only know this because my close friend is a GM at a electronics store. And he to avoid the Vizio like the plague. And their cus to me support is terrible.

    Buying it from Costco gives you Costco good return policy. But the manufacturer warranty and cus timer service is shit
  15. We all know TVs don't cost 2k to build, more like 2-300$. Vizio is 1000, Samsung 1600. That's 60% more. I totally get the quality aspect of it because I've had my Samsung for what, 8 years and its still up and running. Too bad Costco doesn't sell 55" Samsungs
  16. I am also not sold on the curves thing. But I definitely want to pick up a 4k soon
  17. ive read that tvs are one of the few products where generics are nearly as good as brand name
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  18. Some slate tiles for my entrance hall. Should look/feel sweet with the heated floor and all.
  19. This is sort of true. Because most generics buy the screenS from the brand name companies. It's when they add all their components that's the issue cause it's a mix mash of different components.
    As well as most brand names only sell the generich brands old tech. Like leftovers of last year's model screens.
    I had a Vizio. Hence my negative opinion. The channel tuner was trash. It had an annoyingly long wait between changing channels. The connectors on the back of the TV were flimsy. The picture quality was good. But still had a lot of "ghosting"
    And it had terrible speakers.
    But I saved 300$ over the equivalent LG. Ended up buying the LG 3 months later. And throwing the Vizio in my basementor for the kids.
    I've now got and RCA which is decent,two samsungs and the LG. Overall I like the Samsungs the best. But they are also much newer than the LG.
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  20. you keep your kids in the basement
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  21. Microlab Solo 8C. I think I'll wait until tomorrow for the unboxing and setup. Giving myself another day to regret it.
  22. Doesn't everybody?
    I also made a typo in the last one. I said for the kids. I meant at the kids
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  23. [​IMG]
    Delicious stuff

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