Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. project fi
    google phones

    pixel is newest. 6p is nice
  2. the whole JAG (Judge Advocate General) TV Series DVD Pack, shimano XT V Brake pads, some spare parts for two of my watches
  3. Right. Looks cool.
  4. All my money goes to the house and retirement. Buying a shirt like once a year is as exciting as it gets.
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  5. what about spending money on cars
    I hate spending money on cars
  6. Uh, Catherine Bell.
  7. what colour is yours
  8. Mod bug bit me. Still have year and half on the warranty so not much I can do so this will have to hold me over:

    May get high flow kets in a few months.
  9. id get an intake if it made my car sound cooler
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  10. Hell it can actually increase the gas mileage. My last car I drove stick for a week. Second week only added a cone filter to stock tube and picked up 2mpg.
  11. the way i improve my mileage is via a magnet on my fuel hose
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  12. My Landrover is British. It runs on gin. My Seat is Spanish. It runs on Sangria.

    Very efficient.
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  13. My Nexus 5X died yesterday. The infinite boot loop thing again, just like my Nexus 5 before it. Difference being this was only bought 11 months ago, so it's covered by warranty. Still, can't be without a phone for 4 weeks so I got the only phone at the store that didn't piss me off within the first 15 seconds.

    Samsung S8. It's pretty nice. It fucking should be, at that price.

    Google Pixel is not really available here. Still not sure I would take that over the S8.
  14. My Nexus 6p is still up and running. I bought it a little over 1 year ago, battery life has become bad. It used to last at least 24 hours. Now i'm lucky if it lasts 10. I've had all Nexus phones and so far this is the only one that is causing problems this fast.

    Camera is still the best though. Can't beat that.

    Next year i'm gonna buy a supershitty phone though, because they made a law that states that every subscription to a phone that is more expensive than 250 euro's will give you a registration to some governmental credit agency, same as a loan or a mortgage. So if you buy a samsung s8 or a iphone 7 the amount of money you can get for a mortgage will be considerably lower. Fucking stupid.
  15. I read today that there's a lawsuit in America because of the battery issues and boot loop thing on the 6P.

    And that phone law is pretty WTF. Would it really affect your credit that bad? I guess you could just buy your phone without a subscription though. I did, because my subscription is one of the cheapest.
  16. Yeah you could obivously buy the phone without the subscription, but that's like 800 euro's for a phone at once.(i know you still pay it with a subcription as well, but not at once at least). But yeah it can affect your credit. I read somewhere if you pay something like 25 a month you can get 5000 euro less on a mortgage. That's retarded.
  17. some stuff. redoing the whole bathroom
  18. My 6P is having the same issues. Phone just dies at some point below 30% battery.
  19. Iphonse 6s for the wife
  20. OnePlus 3T. Turns out HTCs don't like being folded
  21. Mine sometimes does this around 14%. I open up my phone, it says 14% battery left and then poof it shuts down. It's retarded.
  22. in my day all phones folded and flipped
  23. Bought a Scandi mid-century teak dining table and 4 same deal chairs. Gets delivered on Sat.

    Finally get to eat like a human bean.
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  24. Are you talking about paper?
  25. I wonder how comlicated it is to replace the battery, and if that would even help.

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