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    It is cheap.

    I picked up some Thule stuff last night, and tossed it on the car.
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  2. Yes. I didn't like it in my f150. But the explorer doesnt have a better engine choice.
    The explorer is actually not that big in American standards. The expedition and suburban are large. I would say the explorer is a full size crossover but not quite a large SUV

    Yeah they had it sticker price at 38k. But I got it at wholesale. My buddy owns the dealership. And sold it to me at his cost.
    Basically got a fully loaded sport for the same price as a base model xlt of the same year.
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  3. It is considered very large on our standards. Then again F350's and Silverados also stick out here like trucks that were enlarged by a magnifying ray.
  4. Yeah. But a ford focus is what you guys use as limousines aren't they?

    I absolutely understand that our vehicles a are massive in relation to the world wide market.
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  5. I drove a 1989 F-350 quad cab long bed dually diesel in high school. In America, the Focus is a small car for sure.
  6. We are a category behind, in my opinion. What you call "compact", we call "family".
  7. Cause everything is bigger in Texas. MURICAA!
  8. Americans get some properly small cars, like the Fiat 500, Mini Cooper and Toyota Yaris. Why the hell they are not adjusting their frame of mind and thinking of the Focus as a medium sized car is beyond me, though.
  9. The best selling car in recent years has been the Kia Picanto here.
  10. Yeah but they're not very popular so we make them come out with the 500L and the countryman

    Things are changing though, it just takes awhile
  11. Just looked this up, and the Ford Fiesta has sold the most units here since it came out in the 70s. Over 4 million.

    The Escort did hold the top spot, but since the mk7 Fiesta came out it has out-sold absolutely everything every year since 2009
  12. The 500L is one of the ugliest cars in a long time.
  13. lol at eurotrash thinking you could fit the average american family of 4 diabetics in a FORD FOCUS
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  14. whats it like going from truck to this?
  15. Other cars look bigger now, beyond that i'm not bothered.

    Picked up some Nokian Hakka 8's today.
  16. This stupid hat
  17. nice dad hat kid
  18. studded noki
    studded Nokian's are you rich
  20. panzerfäuste has been on his own for a while, so just plain rich mofo
  21. Oh a Florida retiree hat

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  22. I'm imagining this being worn with a Hawaiian shirt, open to reveal a string vest, and Bermuda shorts pulled over a gunt, with a woven leather belt.

    Sports socks pulled up to the knees, and sandals of course.
  23. just google gunt at work you cnt
  24. How else would you scavenge for loot with a metal detector on the beach, n00b?
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  25. First time I've bought a 1:18 model in more than a decade, but I figured I should have some representation of what's current. Shitty cellphone pics but not bad for a $36 Bburago, seems like they've stepped it up. Also holy shit, when I was buying these as a kid Maisto and Bburago were around $20 or so, Autoart was $60, now Autoart models are
    in the hundreds.

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