Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. Lol jokes on you, they just spent your money on bitcoin.
  2. i bought a cheapish pair of brown boondocker boots
  3. Washed the car and grabbed some pizza.
  4. 30yr is the norm here. 44% of your income going to mortgage is crazy.
  5. here its ~12% and I still feel poor
  6. It is. Keeping in mind that that is the maximum % of your income they will allow.
  7. That may be yours. Canada's average is in the 30-40% range. Nobody here tends to qualify for 450k and buy a 250k house. Most tend to max out they're purchase.
  8. thats so much dough

    I used 50% of what they offered me and still felt uncomfortable
  9. How un-Canadian of you.
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  10. Bought this Ekornes Svanette daybed in fabulous original condition for 140 USD.
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  11. that's so the bad years of the 70s
  12. Good Scandinavian furniture is so expensive over here.
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    G.Skill DDR4 C14 memory 32GB set.

    Even though Mini needed its first bigger service with clutch and timing chain maintenance, I still aim to get pieces for a new PC within few weeks. Going for a Intel 8700K and cheap graphics card combo. My current screen is HD@60Hz so Ill upgrade if I later buy a better display.

    edit. Bought 8700K, so Im now again in Intel camp. Motherboard is probably going to be Asus Apex, but Im still eyeing smaller form factor.
  14. [​IMG]

    Bought my Logitech G9 more than a decade ago. Didn't know you could wear out a scroll wheel, but here I am, buying a new mouse.
  15. I really want an MX Master
  16. No, thank you
  17. No taste. The TaG Heueeuruerur is the finest of timepieces. Crafted by the finest of afro Jew slaves of Congolese French republic of Denmark.
  18. Tag makes gaudy and average quality ETA powered watches and they have never been a manufacture unlike Rolex or Omega, sorry the one who has no taste and no watch knowledge here is with you. Don't even get me started about watches because you are not a long time collector and not a member of international watch forums. One of the few members here who has some watch knowledge is Christofurr who is also a member of
  19. black people like rolexes though
  20. No. TaG is by far the tops when it comes to quality.
    Rolex is good. But Omega..... ugh. Just poor quality Japanese indo swiss made knockoffs. Based off the ETA movements found in TaG Heueuruer watches.
    Your lack of watch knowledge is clear and disheartening.
  21. as they say, you cant polish a turd
  22. No but you can at least wash the shit off your ass.
  23. this book for veyronman
  24. I just noticed that your middle name is Gustav. It's quite a combo to have a Vulgar Latin name, a North Germanic name and 王 in the same passport. Having a PhD and an academic tenure in your late teens isn't bad either.

    I received my EASA form 148.2. last Thursday and I was somewhat proud of it, but in all honesty, all this fancy shit makes that certificate feel like toilet paper. What I'm trying to say here is that although I usually find people who display their diplomas and trophies a bunch of pretentious twats, you really should frame those things and put them on display to intimidate everyone who enters your reactor core (that's where I assume you hibernate and propagate).

    So instead of purchasing frames (I have to send the toilet paper somewhere soon anyway), I stuck to buying obscene clothing for female children.

  25. Death Star.jpg
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