Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Have you ever heard about what people need to go through in order to buy a car in Singapore?
  2. 33's?

    you pathetic cum guzzling worm
  3. Well I have only had it for 4 days. 3.5 of which I've been in camp.
    Give me some time dammit
  4. No cant say I have.
    But I know there is a 100% tax on new vehicles in Costa Rica
  5. Not technically a purchase. But I won this in a draw. Typhoon F12, 12g. Semi auto shotgun
    Typhoon F12.JPG
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  6. Sell that assault tank before it shoots up a school!

    Or sell it and buy some Monster energy drink stickers for your truck.
  7. Bought a Sega Megadrive(Genesis for Murica) with some games: Altered beast, Castle of illusion, Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat 3 and Fifa 97. My wife wanted to play castle of illusion again.
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  8. $600 in ETH. Yolo.
  9. omg it looks like adrians gaming rig or something
  10. Yeah I got the new skin for it via micro transaction.
  11. dinner with snub disphenoid
  12. Billy bookcase for my mancave
  13. Registered for another track weekend in mid August. Hopefully I'll have my car back by then.
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  14. How's the trans swap coming?
  15. New helmet and a third Arai for me. The two lasted for 15 years which is a bit longer than recommended.

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  16. Some Jeep stuff on order. New front bumper, rock sliders, 4.56 gearing. Considering tossing in a locking rear differential if the diff is already going to be out for the gear change.
  17. Bought a little truck this last Saturday.
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  18. Do you collect trucks?
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  19. Bought a o.g. xbox with 2 controllers for only 10 euro's. Not in the greatest condition, but still works.
  20. you love these midsize chevys
    is that some special edition? why not the gmc? how do you like it?
  21. ****. I am so jealous right now...... I want a ZR2 so bad with the diesel. But it wont pull my trailer.
  22. It's the ZR2. Basically Chevys answer to the Raptor. But a little more rock climber than dune hopper.
  23. You gonna put the BDS 4 inch lift on it? It keeps the DSSV shocks.
  24. Yeah eventually I'm going to toss on the ZR2 specific lift. Along with some 35's on and 4.56 regear. Picking up a black canopy tomorrow for winter use, and then over the winter either a lift or AEV stuff will get tossed on first. I'll be chasing the deals as they come in over the season.
  25. Found a good deal on a 2005 4Runner. Should make for a good winter beater for a long time.

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