Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Yes. Motorcycling has been budget restricted for some time now. This however did motivate a bit getting it into fully ok condition. It works, but not perfectly.
  2. i got some new grutz

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  3. I got a new ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system in my house.
  4. Right on time
  5. I just got back from a month on the Yucatan Peninsula with my family if that counts. Kinda a whole bunch or purchases in one.

    Word of advice, Never fly Aero Mexico.
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  6. Holy fucking shit
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  7. Spanish language TV does weather girls right
    Probably the most beautiful curviest girls I've ever seen are on mexican weather segments
    Australians are more into girlnextdoor categories I guess
  8. lol that screenshot is from the official government Bureau of Meteorology website. That ain't a weather girl, that's a government meteorological employee.

    But I'd **** her, no probs.
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  9. I'd kiss her if she was sweet
  10. this fake news doesnt even show his house
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  11. stupid fucking map doesnt even include the most important city of Perth, Western Australia.
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  12. holy ****
  13. even with her protective headgear on? she looks like she dribbles
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  14. yes
  15. same
  16. Buying back the thousands of dollars worth of stuff my renter stole and pawned while I took my family on vacation. Always fun.
  17. Is he in jail/dead?
  18. Holy shit. Time for some better insurance.
  19. struth
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  20. Not yet

    You have to file a police report for insurance. I dont like cops.
  21. In other words; he doesn't want to burn down the 100's of pot plants he has when they come to take a statement.
  22. Why not?
  23. Pot is legal in Canada. And I wish.

    Because they dont like me. I was a troublemaker in my younger years. They hold grudges here. So do I.

    Honestly part of it is that some of the things that were stolen were extremely sentimental. And insurance would replace them with ne ones. But that's not the same.
    As an example, she stole a knife my 5 year old saved his birthday and Christmas money to buy for me, and he got his mom to engrave it "To Dad Love Ryker.
    She also stole my wife's original engagement ring and wedding band. I was young and broke at the time and I saved and struggled to buy them for her. Then a few years later I upgraded her to the ones I wanted to buy. She had them in a little display case in our room.
    She also stole a watch I got my wife for our first anniversary. And she stole my Tag watch.
    She also stole my wife's work computer that has hundreds of mortgage files and credit information for hundreds of people. She has threatened to sell/release the info if we charge her.
    So we are just buying everything we can find back. Since the amount is actually less than what my insurance premiums would be anyways. So far...
    She pawned my $9k TagHeuer for 50$......
  24. Legal to grow without licensing too? Some places in the US have/had grow limits for personal use.

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