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  1. Definitely the better option. Buying koni covers is so 2001 FATF
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  2. Yeah i was worried about the shocks might be too long, didn't know there were complete kits like the koni. I probably go for that then.

    And lol at the zipties. I've seen also seen this to lock the springs in place lol

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  3. One of my office walls was looking kinda bare at work. Steel poster prints, 36"/1m on the long side.

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  4. I've done this for some jank-ass repairs, though on some much smaller springs. Didn't have a door hinge spring compressor and wasn't going to buy one, so I shoved the spring in a vice and zip tied it down. Popped it in and snipped the ties off looking via mirror, 'cause I was pretty terrified of the spring coming at my face.
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  5. why dont you get some beach babes for the wall
  6. Everyone has pictures of their spouses and kids all over their office, but I have neither, so I've been thinking of getting a bunch of cheap Ikea frames and putting B-movie horror villains in them
  7. I am close to ordering a new phone. Help me decide. Similar monthly costs, (+/- £5)

    Huawei P30 Pro
    Samsung S10
    Samsung S10+
    iPhone Xs

    Wildcard: Sony Xperia 10 - weird as **** hella tall (21:9) screen but like, £15/month cheaper
  8. Huawei so you get that fancy Chinese backdoor factory installed.
  9. If they all cost the same through your carrier, the S10+ doesn't really have any competition on the Android side. The biggest con, if you're fine with the camera cutouts, is its price. So if your carrier is taking care of that for you through incentives/subsidies, it's really about your Apple ecosystem status - would that be your only Apple device?
  10. Huawei is pretty gewd
  11. Got a winch. Hammering out trails in Colorado (synthetic line was finally wound on later in this trip)

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  12. All new doors and windows for my house.
  13. That's quite a difference in rates of climb.
  14. Have you ever heard the term "excess power"? As a technical term in flight performance.
  15. No. What does it mean?
  16. I really hope Canada ends up with the Eurofighter or the Rafale. I think the F35 is an expensive turd in comparison for our needs. We definitely dont need an expensive 5th gen fighter
    And there is just something so cool about the EF
    And the Rafale is as sexy as fighters get.
  17. We ended up with the f35. It's shit.
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    Basically, we can divide up available engine power into "required power" (the power required to overcome drag), and "excess power" (the power you have left available on tap, after overcoming drag). Excess power can be used to accelerate, climb, or otherwise manoeuvre. Indeed, as your engine power falls off with altitude, an aircraft's ceiling is defined to be when it no longer has any excess power. To climb at 320 m/s, even assuming a relatively 'clean' configuration of 15,000 kg or so, is 70,000 horsepower. And that's useful horsepower, after propulsive losses. Probably six-figures at the shaft.

    The Supermarine Spitfire had just 1,500 horsepower at the shaft, and that had to manage both overcoming drag and climbing.
  19. Shaft? I thought that in low-bypass turbofans, such as this one, the fan only produces roughly half of the overall thrust. I'm also assuming that when climbing at 320 m/s the reheat is on. So the amount of power transmitted through the N1 shaft would be much less than 100 000 ancient animal units.
  20. "Shaft" meaning the actually done by the engine, no matter what the propulsive efficiency is
  21. Alles klar.

    Gas turbines >>>>>> Otto engines in commercial and military aviation.
  22. I bought a drill! Jumped on the must have 18V Brushless cordless tools wagon. A Makita with two 5Ah batteries. Model details are same as on this ->

    I had a 12V cheap Bosch drill from before to which I might buy a new battery as its otherwise in perfect order. While the new drill seems impossibly powerful I am still skeptic about how battery power can drive things like planers and saws.

    Its hilarious how hardware stores are toy stores for adults. This and that I have always needed and must have right now. ;)
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  23. Makita is excellent
  24. Got some plane tickets back to Indonesia.
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  25. movie tickets to see Endgame.

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