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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. last thing you bought?

    bought some blurays and a dvd today.
  2. Russian dictionary
    Some shelf holders because I'm reorganising things in my place
    New battery for my watch

    That sums it up
  3. You still buy physical movie media?

    I bought a fish magazine earlier this week, it came with a free calendar.
  4. Blu-Ray burner
  5. yeah, for a couple of reasons

    - it looks nice on a shelf
    - downloading is too much hassle(i do it with series though)
    - download quality is never near as good as an actual bluray
  6. Oh wow, welcome to 2005.

    I bought this:

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  8. A lamb shawarma
  9. Sofaking delicious.
  10. A street map of Paris and some shin guards for deadlifting
  11. Hand lotion.
  12. Excluding food and drink:

    A SOG PowerAssist
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  14. Better get some of these too if you are dead lifting big weights.
  15. half a tank of gas
  16. Russian 91% atomizer
  17. Marlin .22 Rifle. I'm tempted to go back and get a tactical .22.
  18. Protective glasses

    Final step before starting the new basement, is removing the ceiling which has a shitload of dust on it (thanks to the wood coming from the foundation fitment)
  19. Nexus 5 and Christmas presents. I don't really buy much for myself.

    Maybe a fishing licence if that counts.
  20. look how texas you are
  21. I don't have a collection...yet. But I hear the siren song of pewpewpewpewpew rather than the pew...pew...pew I have now. Plus, it's like $250 for a Mossberg, which I'm told is a good deal, plus it's a .22 and still in the realm of not-entirely-serious weaponry.

    The only issue is getting a hold of .22 ammo. It's expensive and of limited supply here. I'd have figured my fellow Texans would have moved onto bigger and more macho caliber stuff, leaving me with all the .22LR ammo I could shoot, but apparently not...
  22. Recently discovered shawarmas from this kebab place that moved in three doors down from my store. Had a philly cheese lamb with tahini sauce the other day.
  23. just bought airplane tickets online:

    amsterdam - singapore - ho chi minh city
    hanoi - hong kong
    hong kong - dubai - amsterdam
  24. cigarettes

    buyer's remorse again

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