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  1. test drove a gti
    i think i might pull the trigger
  2. the new gen? it's a really nice car, i got to test drive one. would definitely love to own one.
  3. yeah the mk7
    dsg seems to be a little jumpy like it was on the rs3 i drove a while ago, but i'd imagine you adapt to it too, and that exhaust note between gears is pretty awesome
    auto engine off combined with auto parking brake is a pretty funny combo when you're stopped at lights on an incline too
  4. Some Velvia 50, for my holiday
  5. I definitively need Wera screwdrivers but can't budget it
  6. yes, the exhaust note in sport mode is amazing. i drove the 6mt version, though, so no experience with the dsg. but i was genuinely impressed, everything about the car is nice; the handling, overall comfortable/composed ride, next to no lag on a pleasantly quick 4cyl, and the looks.

    unfortunately i couldn't convince my wife to buy it(she won't let go of her ep3 civic si) and i'm not due for a new car yet so i couldn't get it myself. i'd love to get the mk7 golf r but i'd be more than happy with a gti or a diesel. my 540 is gas guzzler.
  7. It was X men.
  8. not even close / better
  9. yeah it's just such an overall great package
    i want my next car to be a ~10 year car, so it has to be practical and reasonably reliable, but still fun. it's actually disappointing how few cars on the market fit this bill without costing a tonne of money
  10. but yeah not even close this was actually a movie i throughly enjoyed working on
    thats rare
  11. I don't know of any Canadian productions that look any good apart from these?

    Im assuming you work for Weta, are you involved in some post production on something not shot in Canada?
  12. i'm kind of in the same boat. after having a kid i can longer switch cars every year or two. here at the states side, vw reliability is very much hit or miss. you can get a great car that'll last or you can get something that'll spend half of its life at the dealership...
  13. Laughed today for the news that Golf has lost over 30% of market share last year, while Passat had incresed something like 50%.

    Which is sort of obvious. Average age for a new car buyer here is about 55 years, with loans paid, they be changing for the bigger VAG.

  14. I prefer my vag tight
  15. Just bought a suit, shirt, tie and belt. $1000 US. The suit was on 40% sale, too. Jeez. Hope I didn't get screwed over. Probably did though.
  16. New racket

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  17. Four kettlebells and a weighted vest. Free shipping via Amazon Prime <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>

    Pissed off UPS dude gonna get a good workout on his way to my door <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  18. Nice! Tennis is excellent. Fun and a great workout. This has been the first summer I've been able to serve twice with emphasis and get it in play the majority of the time (as opposed to serving like a girl after my first fault so that I can make sure it goes in bounds).

    Also had access to some clay courts this year for the first time. It's fun but I can't say that I prefer it... Maybe I don't have the right shoes to enjoy sliding around on the surface or something. Still never played on grass.
  19. Johnny Walker Gold
  20. it's raining and average outside
    so beer and wine
  21. A power inverter, a USB power bank and some other little stuff. Slowly building my fool proof photography traveling kit. Kind of want some additional camera batteries and a mulitool (have one chosen, but fear TSA will take it despite not having a knife) and I'll just about be set.
  22. Bought a vizio sound stand to replace my 7.1 (5.1) set up. speakers all over the place on stands just looks like crap in a apartment where you're not allowed to run cables properly through walls and such.
  23. i haven't played in years, but i just signed up with a tennis club. gonna play every wednesday and maybe do some competition. i will be playing on gravel.

    when i was in high school i used to play at a tennisclub with grass lanes. they're both pretty good. i prefer gravel though, you can slide more.

    i have the same racket as andy murray now. i expect results <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  24. Some groceries.

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