Your silence speaks volumes Guibo.

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    Why must you bash eachother so much?
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    I sent you a link to the Website Discussion Forum. It should have appeared in the Superbot message you received when I closed your earlier thread.
    I've tried reasoning with you, but you've made it quite clear you're nothing more than a windup artist. I have neither the time nor patience to deal with the likes of you. I've got other forums to go to. By now, you must realize there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of threads on this website. I'm under no obligation to pander to your needs. Like I said, if you think this is an abuse of moderator powers, you can take it up in the Website Discussion Forum.
    Good day.
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    What do you mean by that?
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    It means he's moving the post to the top of the forum.
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    Oh! Like to bump it up...I get it now.
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    Man, the guy may be a jerk, he may have far more time on his hands than everybody else (as it seems), he may abuse his priveledges, he may get so obesessive over "proving" somebody wrong that he'll make up whatever evidence he can, he may write posts in an incredibly infuriating manner, he may show a subtle bias for the domestics he's so fond of, etc.

    But, just leave him alone alright, Karma will catch up to him sooner or later. I've stopped responding to anything he says because of all the above mentioned issues he has, you should do the same, it's not worth getting into, trust me. Anytime he posts his load of crap in response to something you bring up in a discussion, just ignore him.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...he'll only drag you into his own game otherwise, which he'll always win, as his game thrives on who has more time to spare, and it's obvious he'll always have more time to waste than you, me, or almost anybody else.
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    Why are you guys so hung up on post count? What does that have to do with anything? There are scores of people with far higher post counts than I. Do you see me even mentioning it? No. And why not? Because it's totally insignificant, and shows that you've got nothing left to do but attack someone on petty matters.

    PasswordPlease, can you point to any instance where I've made up evidence? I've already shown in the SRT-4 forum that it was indeed *you* who was caught making up ficticious performance claims for the WRX.
    And if you want to get into the subject of post count, you should note that you make more posts per day than I do, lol. My post count merely reflects the insignificant fact that I signed onto these forums before you did. Big whoop. You'll find that much of it is attributed to the fact that I've posted quite a few *pictures* in the MultiMedia Forum. That takes no time to do at all.

    As with MWB, if you believe so strongly that you have been wronged, by all means take it up with the site administrators, or bring it to the attention of others in the Website Discussion forum.
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    OK, one thing at a time. Let's deal with the post count issue first, and integrate the issue of censorship. You say you like to read engaging, thought-provoking discussion. Suppose you come across a thread that contains 100 replies. Huh, you think. Must be a good one. Maybe they're talking about something important. You click on it, and you soon realize, it's some guy with an automatic post feature that allows him to post the same thing (or nothing at all), over and over again. By the 2nd or 3rd page, you hopefully realize what an utter waste of space this all is. What makes you think the site admins are under any obligation whatsoever to retain this dead space on the forums? To what end?
    Now imagine that dead space is loaded up with pics of your 7 year old daughter, being sexually abused, tortured, disemboweled, and finally, beheaded. Still think the admins are under any obligation to retain this kind of information? If you think you have every right to do this, then please do so.
    I mean, one of your justifications for allowing kiddie porn was that outlawing kiddie porn does not stop the practice of kiddie porn. Well, jeez. By that reasoning, we should no longer have any rules in society against murder. People do it anyway, so why bother?
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    One step behind me? I thought you said you didn't have the time...

    Drawing parallels between kiddie porn/snuff films to the Zapruder film? Lol. I hope you can tell the difference.

    Anyway, answer the point of my question: Do you seriously think that type of material is appropriate for these forums? Are the site admins under any obligationYay, or nay?

    If I had wanted to really silence you, I'd simply delete all your threads. Simple, no? (Not that I'm ruling out that option.)
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    Whether you're against censorship or not is irrelavent, as you're not garunteed free speech by those who run the page, simple as that. I would think the majority of the site would be more than happy to see Child Pornography being deleted, and even if it wasn't, how long do you think it would be before this site is shut down (after all, Child Porn is against the law, much as you would like it not to be)?
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    I occasionally take breaks when I'm doing homework, it doesn't take long to post a couple sentences.

    No, I didn't make up Ficticious WRX times, it does do 0-60 in 5.4, and the 1/4 in 14.1, it's common knowledge, meanwhile you've claimed the SRT-4 runs faster than 5.8 0-60, and faster than 14.2 in the 1/4, which is complete BS by a passive obsessive person. I'm done.
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    Done is right. Because this most obviously does all the talking for us. The 5.4 you referred to wasn't even for the WRX, lol.
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    1374 words. yikes.
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    I never accused you of anything like that at all. You said documentation of a crime such as raping a child should not be illegal. By child porn I was only reffering to the documentation. I believe it's illegal simply out of decency for those involved with it. If your daughter was raped, would you want it all over the net? I certainly wouldn't.

    I'm not trying to get involved in this argument, just stating my opinion on the little issue of censorship. I have a lot of respect for both you (yes, despite our arguments) and Guibo, so I think I'll just stand aside and watch.
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    WTF??? please elaborate on what you mean.

    Yes, the 5.4 I referred to earlier is for the WRX.

    The Sti does it in 4.5 (which I find to be kind of odd, but as I've read that it does it that fast, then I'll fully accept it).
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    Yeah, the funny thing about his above post, is I have another test done by C&D that put the SRT-4 at 5.9 seconds 0-60, so I wonder if he p-shopped the article and added the Neon SRT-4 at the top...
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    Was that a *test* by C&D or was that merely a first look preview? The 5.9 figure sounds a lot like Dodge's own claim for the car, doesn't it?

    P-shop, lol. Yeah. Maybe I p-shopped it. Maybe I started my own film crew, and pretended to test cars like a major automotive magazine. And maybe I pretended to air the review on a cable network:

    The information you seek is out there. Why presume someone is lying when you yourself have not even checked it out? Here's another test of an SRT-4 doing 60 in less than 5.8. Do you think I made this up too? You, sir, owe me an apology.
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    No, it was a real test, and it's different from dodge's claim of 5.8.

    Ok, I admit, maybe it's faster than some tests have shown, but it's still not the 5.4 second WRX killer you like to claim.

    I don't owe you anything, I questioned whether you could have made it up, which finally prompted an acceptable response from you. As I had previously been unable to find these times. Don't say anything about me not looking hard enough because the information is out there, as I could say the very same thing to you about the WRX & STI specs, but I won't.
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    Where are you getting the 5.8 figure from?! Dodge doesn't claim 5.8. Dodge claims 5.9 for the SRT-4:

    And see below.

    I never said the SRT-4 is a WRX-killer to 60. Have you not been paying attention at all? I said there's very little difference between them (remember my streetlight to streetlight, block to block racing analogy?). I said from 0-30, the WRX gets the jump, big time. But by 60, the SRT-4 is already caught up or even slightly ahead. The bulk of the tests done thus far show this quite clearly. Just look at the 0-30 and 0-60 times, and you'll see where the WRX is ahead, and you'll see where the SRT-4 is pulling ahead.

    What I've also said is the SRT-4 tears the WRX a new asshole above 60 mph. This has not only been shown in magazine tests, but by those very same videos we've seen before.

    Aw, too small a man to apologize, I see.
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    No, I give apologies to someone who deserves it, not to someone who tries to come off so self righteous, but is really just a weak person inside. I also don't apologize to people who were not unjustly offended by me.

    According to Mopar Magazine (among other sources) Dodge claims 5.8, who knows? perhaps they released an ET of 5.9, and then an official time of 5.8.
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    No, apologies should be given when you are *wrong*. And in this case (among others) you most certainly are wrong.

    5.9, from the Dodge website below (forgot you can't post a pic when quoting).
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    Well that's fine, then obviously Dodge has released 2 0-100 times, does it really matter?

    Hate to break it to you, but you're not right nearly so often as you seem to think.

    Must be nice to be unaware of reality.

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