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    hey guys,

    i need honest opinions on this. i just bought so tell me what you think, its basically a copy off

    i want to try and make it go viral so any tips would be appreciated.

    ps. i know you guys don't know the hell i am, but i go on these forums nearly every day, since 2002, i just never really post.
  2. you must not be good at going viral if you've been here since '02 and i have no idea who you are
  3. hahaha that pretty funny, but yeah i don't have any real internet viral experience, just search marketing, so this is a new concept for me.

    i just need ot know if it is funny and if you think a lot of people will like it.
  4. lol that site is shit.

    looks like such an obvious attempt at making money. You can buy every single shitty/un-memorable quote on a mug? Cool.

    You need to also filter what gets posted, half of that shit doesn't even make sense. Site fail.
  5. Hey if you're lucky enough you're gonna have a bunch of NBA players stfu'ing during games and making you a millionaire in the process.
  6. i literally just bought it, and your right i need to get rid of some of the more obvious commercial shit, although i will keep the mug thing cause eventually some really funny stuff will and maybe someone would like that on a mug, i think i would, if its the right quote.

    thanks for your criticism, no really
  7. i'm not sure what you mean by nba players stfu'ing in a game but ok haha.
  8. Kinda like twitter
  9. oh haha yeah i see
  10. hey you, stfu.
  11. stfu in this thread
  12. STFU

    seriously, you had it coming
  14. can't find the pron
  15. stfu if you have any porblems
  16. Why would i go here instead of fmylife which actually has a moderation system and is widely recognized?
  17. stfu if you have any problmes
  19. Why would you go to fmylife? Are you some kind of douchebag or something?
  20. well this is dumb
  21. youstfu
  22. "Why would i go here instead of fmylife which actually has a moderation system and is widely recognized?"

    you go there to rant and let out all your anger. fmylife is different cause it's more stories that happened to you, rather then well rants haha. i think a lot fo people have something to #%[email protected] about but would rather do it anonymously

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